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Patches for MINERVA: Metastas out that address problems caused by May-2010 STEAM /Mac enabled Engine "update" which screwed up a bunch of mods.

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May-26-2010 Valve released , or should I say "forced upon"
everyone via the Steam online update engine a "rewrite\" of the Half Life 2 engine, it's "first" to add "Macintosh" support.

Below patch restores Minvera Metastas to a properly working state.

FYI: If you have just run across this page:
1: For many months there was NO "patch".
2: There was "talk" by *Adam Foster- that he was working on a "official" patch. - but it never appeared.
(*Adam Foster is the Creator of Minvera who now works for Valve- Him getting the job due to Minvera Metastas.)

3: These patches took many hours to compile, hours /days/ weeks of testing. While unofficial-they work.

Price? FREE- all you have to do is say THANK YOU.

(As a way of thanking those that created the patch for all the hard work post a "Thanks" in the comments section on the download page of the patch you download. So far after 3,000+ downloads only (2) have said "Thanks", "Thank You".)

Sad state the world is in- That you even have to remind people to say "Thanks", eh?


Problems the "update /engine rewrite\" caused- which these patches "fix":

*Right after (cough-cough) "update"= Sky too bright, Black waves /water front looking blocky/non-fluid. (That will be your first tip-off that something is amiss)
*Game saves loaded from save might say= AI disabled (No enemies work)
*Game unplayable beyond a certain point. Game now crashing/ freezing up, Video frozen with sound looping-unable to proceed thru doorway at top of steps after door blows as noted in preview pic.

(You can back track downstairs instead of up to the section that has the programmable turrets that appear later in the game- and "try" to make it to the door that opens, then closes right behind you but if you run into too many enemies the game will crash...=No free edicts related)
*No free edicts error message (According to Adam Foster the new game engine cannot handle /track as many enemies)

Background of the engine rewrite that trashed a high percentage of mods:

Old news for some, New news for those that have recently connected to STEAM and now their (Half-Life-2-based) mods aren't working.

May-26-2010 Valve released , or should I say "forced upon" everyone via the online update engine a "rewrite\" of the Half Life 2 engine, it's "first" to add "Macintosh" support.

(Problem with this "Mac-enabled" rewrite is it
changed the way the engine functions, hence allot of older mods don't run correctly. Net result many excellent mods which have kept the Half-life 2 franchise alive /Valve has profited from over the years were horribly broken. Minerva Metastas being one of them.
Why the rewrite? I'm sure there are several reasons, but from what I've read one of the main reasons for the rewrite was Valve was wanting to be able to sell to /profit $$$$$ from sales to "Macintosh" gamers....)


This "rewrite\" to the Half-Life 2 /Source game engine was pushed out to anyone who has been online on or after May-26-2010 and allowed a auto /manual STEAM /HL2 game files update.


Links to download page of patches:
*Note only download which version you need, 7zip is provided for those who like to manually copy files over- the exe for those who like to click on things...

(7zip version-Manual install -Extract and manually copy files over)

(Exe version- Win installer- Click on installer... follow prompts.)

thatguyphilip - - 404 comments

So True Man, they ****** up big time and will never have any intention to fix this mess.

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Xul - - 351 comments

yeah, it's all about getting mac fanboys' money now, who cares about backwards compatibility :P thanks a lot for fixing this.

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