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A little information about the Mind Control ability in TMF

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Hello all,I thought this might be an opportune time to discuss one of the features in TMF that I fear may be easily overlooked: Mind Control

Here's how it works:
1. you have to be within a certain range of your enemies
2. You put them in your reticle
3. Press the "0" (zero) key
4. You will see a hand animation, a halo of light surrounding the enemy, and hear a sound effect
5. Voila! The enemy will now turn on his friends and battle it out on your behalf for 30 seconds!! Tres Chic! No?

This makes for some interesting combat situations that add a little spice to the gameplay.

Now, there are some issues with this:
1. I had to hard map the key because of limitations with the Flowgraph system. I would have rather given the player his/her choice of mappings.
2. the key will not work if it is already mapped (i.e if you are using "e" for use and I map to it then my flowgraph will not work) Because of this I used the "0" key as it is less likely to be in use. Of course the issue this causes is inconvenience.

I did try an alternate method to avoid the key mapping issue. I simply made each enemy placed "usable" which means that you could approach them and press the "use" key to trigger the flowgraph.
This created 3 issues though:
1. The range is much smaller so you have to get very close to make it work
2. Every time you came up to an enemy you would see the big "Use" icon (which doesn't bother me too much - I can change the text)
3. This ability would conflict with the "Grab" icon which could put you in a bad situation if you are trying to be stealthy. This made it a little tricky in spots.
4. The "halo of light" particle effect does not seem to work with this method for some odd reason.

So, what do you guys think? Would you rather...
A) have to use the "0" key but have Mind Control work smoothly or,...
B) press the "Use" key and deal with some of the issues that causes? (i.e. no particle effect, the conflict with "Grab",...etc...)
Please let me know what you think!!!

I have included Pics of Mind Control in action!

Mind Control in action


I would have to say A. I'm left handed so it'll be a bit annoying for me to have to keep reaching up to 0 all the time but if it works better that way than so be it.

Nice idea btw. Mind control sounds like a cool combat option.

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Yup the 0 key, because that apparently works best.

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mckool Author

I appreciate the replies. I will try to see if I can make the use key work but it's not looking good at the moment!

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O key would work best

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