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An update from the Faces of war development team.

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Status report

Hi everyone!

We’ve been silent for a while now, but this doesn’t mean we’re not working!


There are some cool new toys to play with, sadly they’re not finalized and ready to be ported in game, but i can show you some:





The artists department was the more active during this period and I think they’re doing an amazing job!


We’re working hard on sounds to make you feel in a real battlefield! Miska (tpM) is working on new impact sounds and tweaking already impelented stuff. An important new feature of the next update will be the “ambient voices” module. With this module we want to add voices to every unit on the battlefield, including death screams, to increase the gameplay experience. To do that we need voice actors! If you want help us, pm me or Miska for more details!

With this post we would like to show you our gratitude for your support and wish you all an happy merry christmas


Love the level of detail you guys got on this mod.
The medical stuff, is that going to have a purpose or just looks? If its going to be functional how will it work with ACE? Replace or?

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Hey Painmace, my plan is to do an optional set of files for ACE users that gives them period correct medical equipment and maybe some other goodies. So yeah they're intended for ACE, but some stuff may also see use in the main files. Thanks for the question and I'm glad you like what's been put on show here.

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