Dear Community,
Lacking manpower even after merging with Hell in The Pacific, we decided for a "DLC-like" thematic release schedule with every release focusing on a certain Operation. Hereby, on the 73rd anniversary of Operation Galvanic, in the name of Faces of War Dev. Team I'm releasing our first public alpha, featuring the assault on Japanese-held Betio island by the USMC.

But there's more!
The assets, infact, are not limited to the pacific theatre, British and Germans soldiers that fought on the western front are included in this first package.

Here a quick list of what you can find in this first release:

  • 4 factions (UK, GER, US, JAP) including many uniform variants and vests
  • 2 vehicles (LCVP, Willys Jeep)
  • 3 weapons per faction (Rifle, SMG, LMG)
  • 1 map : Betio Tarawa
  • bolt action system - you can either use manual bolting module (bolt cycling on clicking) or stick to the default system which triggers bolt operation upon releasing the mouse button
  • A module that limits the usage of the items stored in the backpack

It's Alpha because...

  • Weapons have no reloading animations
  • Majority of the island and some other assets are not up to Arma 3 standards

...But other than that it's fully functional and playable.

We're hoping to recruit some really talented artists (modelers, texturers, animators) from our playerbase to help us polish and extend the mod in the future.

Thanks and enjoy!

Requirements: CBA

The Faces of War Development Team:

Giallustino - config and scripting
Lodu - model and texture artist
tpM - audio
Jeast - animations
Pedersen - Terrain maker
CypeRevenge - Terrain maker
Freelancer - Model and texture artist

We do not allow:

  • Any edit to our files without permissions
  • Any redistribution without permissions
  • Any commercial use (monetized servers included)
  • View media
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June Update

News 2 comments

Good evening,

Time has come to present the Community another update, containing numerous fixes, additions and improvements. Highlights include, but not limited to:

  • Three new light weapons for the U.K. - Webley, PIAT, Vickers MMG + the "6 Pounder" (57mm cannon)
  • Tarawa reworked
  • Garand clip eject bug fixed
  • Rate of Fire system for AI machinegunners
  • Addition of Fallschirmjägers and Belgian and Canadian regiments
  • A whistle (misc object) that allows you to, well, whistle (default key is "T")
  • New bullet SFX and gunfire related tweaks
  • Revised interior and distant firing sounds


  1. Betio Tarawa Changelog:
  2. - New Mask image
  3. - Reworked Satmap
  4. - Added underwater heightmap
  5. - Fixed dust from surfaces
  6. - Fixed surface sounds
  7. - Fixed misplaced objects
  8. - Fixed clutter
  9. - Reworked sand surface
  10. - Added new surfaces
  11. - Added new nopx textures
  12. - Added new vegetation
  13. - Added Tarawa intro mission
  14. - Defined runway correctly
  15. - New lightning config
  16. Sounds changelog:
  17. - New bullet impact, sonic crack and flyby sounds
  18. - Tweaked mechanism (1st person) sounds
  19. - New / reworked sounds for M1919, Thompson, MG42 and Stg-44
  20. - Range of gunfire sounds extended (to around 5 kilometers)
  21. - Revised interior and distant firing sounds
  22. Additions:
  23. - Added visor hat officer (Heer)
  24. - Added visor hat officer (SS)
  25. - Added new version helmet (Heer)
  26. - Added M40 Helmet Heer (Net)
  27. - Added _net and _net_camo for U.K. helmets
  28. - Added New Para beret
  29. - Added Tornister rucksack (Medic version)
  30. - Added Pea dot uniforms
  31. - Added Feldmütze SS to SS units
  32. - Added 1st Belgian Infantry Brigade "Brigade Piron"
  33. - Added 3rd Canadian Division - Royal Winnipeg Rifles
  34. - Added 3rd Canadian Division - British Columbia Regiment
  35. - Changed us_soldier02 completely, with textures and rvmat
  36. - Added Fallschirmjäger units
  37. - Added IJA (foliage) squads and units
  38. - Added Commando units & groups config
  39. - Added IJA crewman
  40. - Added crewman class for US/USMC
  41. - Added US and IJA pilots
  42. - Added 6 pounder (57mm gun)
  43. - Added Flak 36 (donated kindly by Spycer42)
  44. - Added M55 Reising submachinegun
  45. - Added Vickers MG
  46. - Added PIAT
  47. - Added Bazooka
  48. - Added Webley revolver
  49. - Added Type 10 flare gun
  50. - Added Type 99 AT grenade
  51. - Added Type 99 Sniper version
  52. - Added M1911 pistol (A2 port)
  53. - Added Type 14 Nambu pistol
  54. - Added Type 99 animations
  55. - Added Enfield animations
  56. - Added K98 animations
  57. - Added Garand animations
  58. - Added 50 & 100 round belts to the M1919
  59. - Added new weapon inertia and aiming speed values
  60. - Added Rifle grenade launchers: M7 for Garand and Type 2 for Arisaka Type 99
  61. - Added truppenfahrrad (bicyle)
  62. - Added whistle system (work in progress)
  63. - Added Rate of Fire system (for AI) to all MGs
  64. - Added cfg class for trees
  65. - Added interior sounds and path LoD to Tarawa objects
  66. - Added path lods for trenches
  67. - Added M24 frags to German units
  68. - Added weapon effects: heat distortion effect at muzzle / spent casings on the ground
  69. - Added specific bolt cycling anim/time for each bolt-action rifle
  70. - Added "FoW Main Theme" - composed by Jeast
  71. - Added German and Japanese names
  72. - Added U.K. combat shouts and IJA combat\aware chatter
  73. Changes and fixes:
  74. - Changed mass of grenades
  75. - Reviewed ammo storage for British and German
  76. - Fixed the issue with some weapons sinking into the ground
  77. - Fixed wrong diplay names for mortar bags
  78. - Added optics for mortars (work in progress)
  79. - Muted radio protocol of German and Japanese units
  80. - Fixed: patches were out of the camo selection for the U.K. lieutenant
  81. - Improved BAR: sight adjustment, bipod and carry handle removable, back stock texture
  82. - Fixed wood surfaces of pier roadway
  83. - Fixed spamming of ejected Garand clips
  84. - Improved bolt action MP compatibility
  85. - Fixed LCVP turrets (could rotate 360)
  86. - Fixed: reset fire modes after each shot (Mortar sys)
  87. - Fixed: headgear can't be stored in uniforms and vests
  88. - Fixed: LCVP could load 60 soldiers
  89. - Raised volume of US chatter
  90. - Fixed name for IJA squads
  91. - Willys Jeep optimization
  92. - Improved "lodu_cask_heer01" (textures and the 3d)
  93. - Changed trench assets moved to a proper category
  94. - Fixed commando texture bug
  95. - Improved U.S. equipement (3d, textures, rvmat)
  96. - Fixed Bergenpack weighting
  97. - Fixed: "black spot" (on the back of U.K. para)



Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

News 2 comments

An update from the Faces of war development team.

Faces Of War Released

Faces Of War Released

News 9 comments

Faces Of War alpha is released. Available for download now!

June Progress Report

June Progress Report

News 5 comments

The Faces of War team are happy to show what we have been working on over the past while, and will be aiming to continue providing progress reports monthly...

Faces of War

Faces of War


Initial announcement of Faces of War for ArmA 3

Comments  (0 - 10 of 74)
Viking-AllFather - - 326 comments

What should i have to play this ? which version of arma 3 ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Jerboy33 - - 31 comments

More vehicles needed!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
crazymancody895 - - 833 comments

It would be interesting to see UK vs Nazi battles on Altis and Stratis. And US vs Japanese on Tanoa.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
arik-saito - - 10 comments

Any plans for Italians to be added in future or foreign SS volunteer divisions?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
Guest - - 692,360 comments

Foreign SS volunteer divisions? Really? just take an SS-Uniform and add whatever flag on into it, DONE! That level of texturing is childs play.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Rex_Imperator - - 267 comments

YES. The Royal Italian Army would be an awesome addition! :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Guest - - 692,360 comments

where tis da updates be?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 692,360 comments

Any chance to bring it to Steam Workshop?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
[TFDN]derptrooper - - 442 comments

It's on the workshop now.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
siegfox - - 8 comments

Any chance of an update soon?

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