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Ever wondered were the development is going with Merciless Mod 2. Well I'm going to fill you in right now.

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After long debate, I have decided to ditch gore mod. Not looking back and chopping file size to a more manageable number. Though blood xf and gibbing is still in the mod

Some updates:

1) New Mobile MG42 by Torr3

2) Removal of gore mod

3) Recoil on Mobile MGs raised

4) Bug fixes

5) Updated documentation and cfgs

6) New Big Grenade special grenade class. Six Pack German Stick Grenade for Axis

7) Contact popup and updated credits popup

8) Weapon names and dvars changed a little

9) Removed taunts in place of a minimal clutter obituary system

Should release it soon, just want to double check and triple check my work :)


Gore mod plays a big role in merciless mod in my point of view, man.
I hope you give it a thought again.

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PlusIce Author

Well it being a multiplayer mod, I gotta keep download size in account. If Merciless was it's own game that you didn't have to download on each server. Then the megabits really wouldn't be much of a factor.

But 136mb Merciless Mod 2 or so vs 60mb eXtreme+ v2.9 vs 6.3mb AWE 3.4.2. Not really aiming to top eXtreme+, but Merciless Mod 2 V3.3 doesn't even come close for "most bang for your megabits".

Would be willing to have two branches of Merciless Mod 2. One with the whole gore mod (heavy weight), and currently planned light weight version. Would backport improvements back into heavy weight branch.

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PlusIce Author

See Proposed Revisions for V3.4 Early Beta for more information regarding development status.

Also added in screenshots for medkits and ammoboxes. Will find better ammobox models later, but for now they will do.

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