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Version 0.826 of Middle Earth Project, a Crusader Kings 2 Overhaul mod, has been released. Details below.

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Version 0.826 can be picked up here.

Installer version by Brojan here.

Middle Earth Project

MEP is an overhaul mod attempting to bring the world of Tolkien to playability in Crusader Kings 2.

The MEP Team’s hope is to allow players to experience Tolkien’s world of Arda, spanning from Angmar and the Iron Mountains in the North, The Harad Desert to the south, the Great Sea to the west, and Rhun to the east. As well as enjoy that world from a number of different perspectives, be that a Great King of Gondor, the Dark Lord Sauron, a noble Elf-lord, or a blood member of the Orkish Hordes.

Version 0.826

CK2 Compatible Version: 3.2.xx

Outside of this Version the mod is not likely to function properly, including crashing.

Current Team

Team Lead



Marowa, Artwork Lead

SinStar87, Other Nonsense Lead

Active Contributors

Porkenstein, First Age Submod


Want to support the Mod's Development or have a say in its developmental focus? Visit our Patreon Here

MEP Discord

Full Credits

0.826 Highlights

Corrected histories for several characters to reflect their sailing west

Added vanilla Devil Worshipers events back

Added vanilla Tributary events back

Added carry laws over when using the Old Realms objectives

General bug fixing

sauron ring

galadriel mirror

saruman palantir

MEP   Dragon Buildings

Blood of Amdir

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