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Memory Lost-max cyber killer hardcore, mind trap, one clip and no room for error. John Wick, is that you?

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“Memory Lost” is probably the son of Ruiner and Messiah, where the dynamics of firefights and the gloomy world of the future came from the first, and the mechanics of moving into the bodies of enemies and NPCs came from the second.

Let's start with the most important:
What is the project that will interest you?

The ability to capture the mind of the enemy, moving and controlling it, in the format of a shooter, quickly captivates and after half an hour/hour of the game, you don’t understand how to play other games of this genre without this mechanic. It's like the appearance of a jump in shooters, in due time,
but a step further. This takes the dynamic to the next level - all you have to do is use your ultimate and you're in the body of any opponent with the abilities or weapons you need, suitable for the situation or your gameplay style.

The ability to move into opponents on the verge of death further increases the dynamics, and given that the move is the only way to replenish HP, you will not be able to constantly be in your favorite enemy archetype and have to change your gameplay, depending on whose body you are in where you are and what weapons you have.

In addition, the weapon system is tied to certain archetypes, for example - melee weapons are unique and strictly tied to the type of enemy. In conjunction with special skills or special attacks, it can make it exciting to pass only through close combat.

Ranged combat, again, can have its own specials. abilities depending on the type of enemy we control and there is a restriction on the use of ranged weapons by certain archetypes - for example, a huge sledgehammer cannot lift pistols and machine guns, and the butcher archetype cannot carry any types of weapons and fights only with fists and specials.

In addition to exciting combat, the game has a narrative diluted with black humor on the verge (at the unreal contest, where we became finalists, we were described as geek trash in the good sense of the word and wished to follow the same path) - 170 pages of lore implemented through the environment, notes inside games, dialogues and hub location (memory projection).
The game combines a stream of firefights and combat dynamics with an interesting story, where you can kill all the NPCs on the levels or just ignore them without getting into the story - this will lead to a different ending at the end of the game compared to those who delved into the story.

The main character, a neural network, was introduced into the ecosystem of a killer robot to perform combat missions that require creativity and flexibility of the mind, inaccessible to classical AI.

The creators decided to leave the AI ​​itself in the body as a consultant to the main character and responsible for some technical capabilities.

Unlike most games
, the nature and motivations of the Neural Network change precisely due to the main gameplay mechanics - relocation.

The neural network is always accompanied by two observers:

The first is MARK (Corporate Employee Mobile Assistant), the internal observer. He is both a mentor, and a colleague, and a neighbor with whom you have to get along in the same body.
The second is Svyaznoy, an external observer. He is a mirror of Redsky, a representative of her morals and principles of work.

The game has about an hour of music written specifically for our project, and it also uses more than three thousand sound assets to make immersion in the game memorable (we are nominees in the best sound category in the IndieCup 2021 competition).

In addition, we decided to make a full voice acting of the game in several languages, including Russian.

Direct battle mode
Footsteps echo through the sewers. Indicators report: three percent of health left. Not much. Checking the gun... Just two rounds. An armed troop of cultists comes around the corner...
…and this is my salvation! They are chipped, which means I will move into one of them. The one with the gun over there. Looks extremely attractive.

The whole combat system is built around the mechanics of relocation and the constant change of the body of the enemy in which we are now. It dilutes this with a large number of unique enemies, with unique abilities (access to which we get by moving into them) and with a variety of weapons.

Game history

On a cold February day, a group of friends gathered in the kitchen of the apartment, in a long debate choosing the main mechanics of the future game. After five hours of arguing, we came to a common thought: since childhood, we all wanted to play for the enemies that you fight. Moreover, to be them not only externally, but also internally: to use their weapons and abilities.
It always seemed strange to me: here I defeated the enemy, he falls to the ground, next to him are his armor and weapons ... But I can’t pick them up! Let's add curiosity to this: if a living person fought for this thug, how would he fight? How did you use the whole arsenal of tricks? This thought created the basis for the concept of Memory Lost.

Stay tuned, soon we will publish the second part of our project, where we will talk about future plans, the history of our team and what we are working on

We also do not miss the opportunity to try out the free Demo version that is available on our Steam page.

Steam Page

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