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We've been hidden away, but alas it turns out we were actually doing a lot of work :) .... I promise.

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We didn't do much of an update last time because we were still in the middle of the work we have almost completed now, plus it ties in with our college work so that we get two things done at once.

We finally finished the entire planning, documenting, storyboarding, concepting, and anything else I forget that ends in "ing" work for the game, which now means the insane amount of awesome that has come out of our minds can be shoveled into your faces through the power of games - metaphorically of course.
I have about 40 documents of endless pages full of everything for the game so now we all have a very good idea of what we need to get done, expect a lot of changes to many a thing tonight :)

Next up, these new changes have quite a lot of impact on maps and mainly awards, I'll explain that in greater detail soon, I'm going to be completely re-doing the preparation room to suit the new story, it's going to look good once its complete, I have the exact image now and I'll add some concept art soon :)
I'll add a gallery to the site full of concept art for those interested.
Also, while I remember about the site, soon we'll have an awards list for the game on there to let you have a tease of whats to come, though quite a lot are hidden for your safety and as not to reveal too much of the story!

Next, the screenshots section is old and needs a lot of new screenshots of the game, we've gotten much more done now, I've started more work on weapons, seemingly there's a bit of an issue with animations but that's nothing I can't fix (with fire and patience).

Finally, everyone needs to tell GeneralBert to get his rear end into gear and start working more, go on, send him a message or leave a comment about his progress :)



Sweet. Can't wait.

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Does that include fu- nah, I won't say it. Sounds sweet! Great that you're making progress, this game really looks like it might add up to something fun and enjoyable. Good job.

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