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A NEW update has been discovered while exploring and a NEW town has been located

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MEGA MUSEUM: Introducing MEGA Town !By The Merchant Team June 25

Tiny developers introduce a MEGA NEW Town Setting !

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Before we talk about the adorable new content here is something from (us) the Developers:

Mega Museum has been flourishing and learning its place amoungst casualled and skilled gamers alike since its release. Updates have been added such as the research lab, (which lets you discover the power of the magnifine glass so you can narrow down specific loot you need, with the help of your cute science team) and a bunch of other features as it has grown. Such as extra locations, facebook integration, statue building, new loot, refined systems of play, camera mode, iOS support, holiday events and much much more !

However there is still only the two of us, here at merchant games working hard on expanding the game whilst also managing our non pixelated lives. However we have been silent on forums and reddit (were we grab our research and relax with museum owners) for quite some time.

Now though we are ready to unvail what we have been up to ! but before we do that, we would like to discuss what this all means. Prior to this update, we had to learn, learn a lot. We initally released updates in small increments, so that the player base (growing expodentially more than we expected, btw and faster too) had something to do which was new, every update. However we found that most of our players are real life treasure hunters and are egar and ready to find all the loot and artifacts before we ourselves had anytime to release a new content update. This was the exception to the rule however, it was still sometimes a problem (even though its pretty sweet that our players enjoy it so much). We would also like to thank everyone for the support they have given us and the immense feedback given to, especially to the pro players who were some of the first to find secrets in our game, and also help narrow down nasty bugs and help improve the games quality of life and the fact this was all made so much easier thanks to the power and accessability of the Unity Game Engine.

This time though we decided to pull back a bit, and instead of doing small updates that can sometimes get under the radar of the player, we decided to build an expansion (a free one at that) which would rival the main game, but still retain the core mechanics and also fit nicely into the core of what mega museum is all about, exploration, discovery and loot. This was an immense challenge for us, as there were only two of us (one designer and one coder) to work out the puzzle pieces for the entire cute little thing. We eventually landed on a town (I mean you have to wonder where do all those adorable little vistors come from). Which would include massive additions to Mega Museum in every single way, even to the museum itself ! So lets take a look shall we !


New Town Setting in Mega Museum

Everybody is welcome in Mega Town !

In the new Mega Town update players can expand on what they have been building on from their museum, allowing new players to experience the new content from the get go and get comfortable, whilst also allowing existing players to use their fortune and dive into the new content right away !

One of the new mini games in the Mega Town Update

Different and New Ways to Play !

This includes new content that will extend the life of mega museum quite a bit, offering players the chance to jump into different locations within the town, ranging from a shopping centre all the way to a secret temple and more. Each location offers a different variety of content and mechanics so that the players are not just stuck playing the search game, as loot can now be obtained through all these other methods also. If you prefer a fast style of play, bet on ponys or take a chance on our mega triple 7 machine, by using the gems or mega bars you have saved up ! or maybe you have amassed wealth already and would rather just swap out your duplicates of looted tokens in the swap shop for things you desperatly need.

Swap Shop (Left) and Mega Temple (Right).

Secrets and Quests !

There's even more in our biggest update yet ! such as quests where you need to help a little boy in town find his missing dog and also help an old man uncover secret crystals using ancient maps leading to our hardest most complex mystery yet (with much more involved than our previous mysteries Skull Islands and Dino Islands) ! Players will also help a explorer maintain his precious cave for rewards ! All interactions in the new content update offer you exiticing loot and meaningful gameplay enchancements, keeping all types of players busy whilst searching the world for artifacts.

Cave Site, Trainee Room and Home in Town.

New Room for the Museum, Plus Much More !

The new content update also comes with the addition of a second room upgrade downstairs in your museum, adding the new "Trainee Room" which allows you to send off Trainees to gather loot for you, whilst allowing them to level up as you use them more often leading to greater finds. Plus other additions grace the town such as new music, easter eggs and new characters to meet ! Plus a lot more, but we won't ruin all the surpises !


Further more, the new content update is out now on Andrioid/Google Play devices with the iOS version currently in review.

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