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Renegade Resurgence will receive an update in the following days (weeks(?)). It will be playable with the current FSO builds (mid-March, 2021) and there will be a lot of changes to the missions to make them more enjoyable. Stay tuned!

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FreeSpace has gone a long way since I released this campaign, which was my first release-worthy piece of work for FreeSpace 2. At the time, it was only made for retail FreeSpace, back in the mid-2000s. Now it not only requires the most recent FreeSpace Open build, but it embraces all its potential to make it look like it was not made by a teenager, notwithstanding the fact that I *was* a teen when I released the first version.

A lot of changes will be made to make Renegade Resurgence a playable campaign again. A changelog would be tedious, long, and boring. Let it suffice that this is not just a patch that fixes error messages or oddities that come about using newer FreeSpace Open builds/MediaVPs, but a major rework in most respects. Most importantly, gameplay will not be harrowing like it was in the original release. Generally speaking, I'm revising my oldest campaign that I wrote as a sixteen-year-old (!) as an adult.

I hope the end results will speak for themselves. Stay tuned! Release may come in March or early April. No, not on April 1st as a joke.

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