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A lot has been going on, and I'd like to keep you all up to speed.

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So long time no news, unless you check the images and video descriptions for news.

The team is hard at work, and all of them except burguois/Ddraig don't even have a copy of the mod yet :P
That will be changing tonight/tomorrow morning as I have things in a complete enough state now that I'm willing to share without getting too embarrassed.
One thing they are going to notice, is that the upgrade system for weapons has been disabled. This is because I want to completely re-do the way weapon upgrades work. There won't be as many upgrades, but the upgrades will make more of a difference without breaking anything.

They will also notice that even though Nimble carries his usual stock, I have taken the liberty of adding some of the Nimble weapons to various factions throughout the Zone. My reasoning for this is that OWR 3 adds some new weapons in-place of some old Nimble weapons, to spice things up. However for this particular mod I want many of those weapons used widely.
Something new will be figured out to make Nimble useful still. Ddraig has made it so you can order specialty foods from back home, and I added him as a trader in rare ammunition (to reduce clutter in normal trader inventories).

Some other features Ddraig has been working on:

  • Flares. They work well (a little too well atm, but that can be tweaked). Just use them, drop it at your feet and you can light up a large area.
  • Various new drugs
  • New achievements. There are four new achievements currently.
  • During Surges/blowouts you will have a harder time moving at a fast pace, you'll see phantoms, and indoors lights will flicker in and out, your electronics will no longer work, and the radio flicks off.
  • A new danger has come along for those in search of artefacts. I'd like to keep it a secret for now, until it's fully implemented and hopefully let him explain it, but it should add an interest element to the game.
  • Dynamic hud/helmets for those of you that are into that sort of thing. This can be turned off in the gameplay menu.
  • Many new options added to Advanced video options, some of which have to do with new visual/shader features added, or simply some useful features hidden in console commands before.
  • Very varied NPC models. Variation mod on crack (shit-ton of different variations).
  • Many other things I have yet to discover, as he has done a lot and it's hard to get a grasp on it all, and I don't have a feature list.

On the weapon side of things, I finally stopped being lazy and aligned all the sights, added them to random loadouts of NPC's, created all needed world models, tweaked various stats, changed AA-12 class so AI will fully utilize it's potential and kick your ass if they have one (you won't see many floating around, just a couple of situations), finally added the Bizon and SR3M which were deactivated before as well as adding the FN FAL (screwed up texture currently, will be fixed), KS-23, and some others. Traders now carry sensible weapon loadouts for their region, which I will further improve later for various stages of infoportions used in the game.
E.Nigma42 has been doing an excellent job on sounds. Once he messes around with the new team alpha I'd like to upload a video of just shooting various guns off so you can hear the cool sounds he's come up with.

Koma has designed a really fantastic new main menu with new music as well.

Cyrano7 has created textures for various ammo types, all of them high-quality, and he will be making icons for them when he finally gets his hands on my ui_icon_equipment file.

On my end things are speeding up considerably. Soon I'll be adding a Beretta 93R and Vepr-3V hunting carbine, revamping upgrades, and delving more into the gameplay end of things. One thing I'd like to do is add some random spots with snipers of various factions, and maybe some wielding an RPG-7 if the AI is any better at not killing themselves with it.

That's all for now, more news will come.

2C.LiryC - - 303 comments

Nice list of improvements !

Keep it up.

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Etcetera - - 169 comments

Sounds very exciting. The Vepr-3V - is that one of those AK variants with a hunting stock? Similar to the Saiga range of rifles?

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mp5lng - - 7,996 comments

A Vepr-3V hunting carbine ? maaaan ! this is the one aight ? :D
I'm really liking what I read here :) keep it steady and ready mate !

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Kesker - - 48 comments

Cool! Can't wait for this mod.

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v1ld - - 852 comments

Just caught up on all the updates. Every part of this sounds great - especially the engine improvements. Can't wait to see the new gameplay stuff as well.

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