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Turrets and more bug squashing are in the pipeline for our coming update!

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Greetings fellow Pioneers!

Over the past couple of weeks the Flix Team have been busy working on some exciting new features, squashing bugs and preparing our next update release.

Two new features we have been working on are a set of brand new turrets, which is the main focus of today's development update.

The first is an Advanced Missile Turret that fires homing projectiles which fly towards targets and are capable of causing damage to clusters of enemies.

The second is an Energy Turret - which when activated produces a bolt of energy that stuns its targets, paralysing them for a few seconds leaving just enough time for either your other turrets or yourself to finish them off!.

As always our aim is to ensure we release features that are cohesive and enjoyable to play. Therefore please bear in mind that all of these features are work in progress for future updates and are subject to change

In addition to our two new turrets, here’s a list of features we’re currently working on for future updates:

  • New AI spawning system allowing for greater control of patrols sent to players base at night
  • New Melee combat system
  • Refactored and improved Build System
  • Alien Biome
  • Vogel - Land-based fauna
  • Flying fauna
  • Mission and Objectives Design
  • New Utilities Design

And much more…

For an up-to-date view on the latest features being worked on please visit our Trello board -

-Team Flix


I like your game but I do have one the main objective just to survive as many days or is there going to be a larger/goal objective? Would love to hear more about the vision for the plot/story and the ultimate goal you are striving for as a player. Thank you in advance.

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clarky006 Author

Hi Shakes, yes we're planning larger world objectives. There are some clues in the game already regarding what that is, namely the shower of debris you see at the start of the game. While it is primarily survival based we want to add more to the story of the world as we develop the game past multi-player.

We'll be releasing more specific information about objectives in the near future, but only when we're happy with how they feel/play in the game, as we are very conscious about making them enjoyable first.

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that turret looks awesome! Inspiring as always guys.

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