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Lots of info from some of the team this week regarding Multiplayer, new environment biomes, and creatures in development.

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Greetings Pioneers! This Friday we’re bringing you an update on what the team are currently working on.

Joe - Environment Artist Over the past couple of weeks I have been working on, developing and testing a brand new Biome for Pharus 7, along with the assets that populate it. Our main goal with this new Biome is to add an area which provides players with unique challenges and rewards, as well as adding a bit more variety and visual (ie: Alien!) interest into the world of Eden Star. I’m aiming to push the graphical fidelity of this new area whilst still keeping everything interactive and fun to explore/destroy!

Lauren - Animator This sprint I’m working on refining Multiplayer animations, focusing on player movement to begin with, making sure everything is playing and blending correctly from a 3rd person perspective. I am also prototyping some interactive (and potentially hazardous) alien flora to make the environment of Pharus 7 that little bit more deadly.

Chris - Level Designer This week my main focus has been on designs for our Ecosystem and new AI spawning points system which is an extension of the current method, allowing players to essentially ‘self balance’ the amount of enemies that they will encounter during nightfall based on their progression rather than how many days have passed in the game. Matt - Artistic Director The Art team and myself have been creating more varied ideas for future Fauna creatures this week coupled with fleshing out our different biome designs. Over the last two days I’ve been hands on developing our first flying Fauna, who is yet to be named. The creature has basic foraging logic that will allow it to pick things up in the world and fly off into the wilderness (potentially escaping with a dropped mineral that you had set your eyes on). Currently the creature model is in the 1st pass of texture painting. For now, I’ll leave you with a picture of his lovely face.

Yves - Senior Developer I’ve been bringing the weapons and building mechanics up to date so that they can function in a multiplayer environment. Ricky - Developer This week I’ve been prototyping a fancy new Menu system with some major changes we hope will dissipate the congruity of our current Construction Menu. This also works alongside the new Build Mechanics we have been designing.

Lee - Technical Director I’ve been working on a new spawner specific to the fauna we will be introducing to the game, together with making a start on the first of the neutral fauna creatures - the Vogel. Also this week I’ve been looking at making a few tweaks to all the turrets, improving their targeting system, and putting together behaviours for the new missile turret.

That’s all for now folks! For an up-to-date view on all of the features being worked on please visit our Trello board – Don’t forget to keep us informed of any feedback and issues on our Steam Forums - Thanks! Team Flix


Nice work guys. The smart vines and new menus are looking awesome.

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