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The controversial has come again: if solving math in 3D, with a water hose, and sending water to numbers was a crazy idea, now you can solve math with a drone too. The idea remains: solve math by launching water to the flying numbers that solve the static panels, or to the right solution in dynamic panels.

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Flying math with the drone, a new way of solving math problems.

Hi there! We’re happy to inform that Version 3.0 of Math Classroom Challenge is now available on Xbox One S/X and Steam!

New version 3.0 is called Super Drone! Now you can play the game in first person view as usual, but you can also switch to a third view with a drone. With the drone you can move around the scenario and even change that view to see as if you were flying the drone.

Math Classroom Challenge

Changes and modifications to scenarios, and a new scenario: Math Island.

There are also changes to the Winter area, the Moon area, and a new area called “Math Island” where you’ll have to deal with math problems day and night, with good and bad weather.

We also have corrected some minor problems to the game.

How the game works.

The game is very simple: you can define different problems that will generate randomly on stage. Then you must find the numbers that are flying to solve the panels, with the active panel in a blue halo. Also there are dynamic panels with three solutions. To get the right number or solution you must throw water with your first person view or with the drone.

On the Moon you must also get the Helium 3 from the lunar rocks. A starship will arrive to send the Helium to Earth.

Math Classroom Challenge Moon

And remember: panels with math problems must be solved. The panel with the halo is the active. Throw water with the water hose to the flying number to solve the math problem. When a panel is finished, start with the new one.

Also remember: there will appear math panels with three solutions, choose the right one with the water hose. You can also call one of these panels (take a look to the help for pad commands).

Warning: this is a game, nothing more.

Some people say "this is not the right way to learn math for the children". We understand. Please be advised: this a game, not a tool to learn math. This is a complement for children so they can learn the numbers, and then learn how to solve math by playing. Have a funny time!

Teachers around the world already using Math Classroom Challenge.

Do math teachers use Math Classroom Challenge? Here you can see some of them.

Enjoy math in a 3D world, have a nice time, and enjoy math. Thank you!

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