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Survatory got the first massive update with a unique health system that requires nutritional support. Harvest 6 different types of Fruits, 6 Different types of Vegetables, 8 types of herbs, and 6 types of Green Leafy veggies to eat and survive.

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Basic Profile (Including Nutritional profile)

  1. Water
  2. Mineral
  3. Vitamin
  4. Protein
  5. Fatty_acids
  6. Carbs
  7. Phytonutrients
  8. Rest
  9. Serenity

Main Profile -

  • Physical Health / Internal Health
  • Stamina
  • Overall Health

Sub Profile

  • Toxicity
  • Infection
  • Wounds
  • External Damage

All these profiles are interconnected in some unique ways, and all of these profiles have 3 critical values to determine/pass the effect on other parameters/profiles. For example, you need to maintain a certain water level, otherwise, it will impact your physical health and that will impact stamina and overall health.

Maintaining proper health will slowly repair the negative effects such as Wounds, Infection levels, etc, although there are certain food types that can repair those negative values faster.

All these connecting lines can indicate if the juice is being passed or drained and the profiles do color change according to three critical values.

How the profiles deplete depends on their dependencies, for example, walking, running, and jumping depletes stamina and also water along with that, those physical activities can slightly deplete mineral profile as well.

Consumables & Their Nutritional property

Foods/ Fruits / Vegetables / Herbs

Each of the consumable types has lots of variety and each of the foods provides unique nutrition. In the game when we focus the camera on a consumable type it shows the properties (The profile values including the nutritional profile eg how much Water, vitamin, mineral, etc the fruit has.

While each of the consumables has its unique profile it is greatly dependent on the consumable type like fruits has higher in carbs, and herbs have the lowest.

  • 6 Types of Fruits
  • 6 Types of Vegetables
  • 6 Types of Green Leafy Vegetables
  • 8 Types of Herbs


Move - W,A,S,D

Shift + Move - Run

Right Mouse Button click - Aim / View

Left click - Throw stone

TAB, I - Toggle Inventory

E - To interact

F - Toggle Torch

O - Toggle sit at rest position

P - Toggle lie down (only work at sit position)

ESC, Q - Menu


Explore the map, look for fruits in the trees, and ground for Vegetables including green leafy vegetables, herbs, and water. Each of these consumables has unique properties (nutritional profile) when you look at any of the consumables it shows the properties.

Basic physical activities deplete the basic profile eg water, mineral, rest, etc and the main profile eg stamina.

1) Nutritions like minerals and water can be replenished by foods or water available in the ponds/lake.

2) Rest and especially stamina can be refilled faster if you sit (O) and lie down (P) Remember you can use lie down only after sitting.

How the health system works -

Each of the profiles has three unique values Critical (Red) Stable (Yellow) and Adequate (Green) when you have adequate values then they will generate physical health and slowly refill it, if physical health is adequate it will generate stamina and stamina can generate overall health.

While the negative effects like wounds, toxicity, infection, and external damage are healed if correspondent main profiles are adequate also they can drain them as well.

You can learn the interconnections of these profiles by simply studying the interconnecting lines and their colors - Green means it's passing the juice, Red means - It's draining and Black indicates that it's stable.

Planned for the next updates.

  • Weight-based inventory system, Weight and amount-based stomach system.
  • Aging, cooking (Unique) & Farming system.
  • Magic gets more and more powerful as you progress
  • environment goes more and more tactical and challenging. Adding magical creatures to deal with.

System Requirements -

This game is made using Unreal Engine 4.26, which requires a decent Graphics card to play the game.

About Survatory -

A beautiful & stylized Survival RPG set in a slightly phantasy & magical world. With unique and more realistic ways to survive and maintain health in the process. Just eating is not everything, it highly matters what you eat. Consumable items have a nutritional profile and the stat that define how you can use that and the best way to use them. Foods not just have nutrition but can have some amount of toxicity too and also contain some magic value that can contribute to your magic profile.

Note :

This is not a full game as already mentioned above, you play as it develops, once purchased you can keep updating the game for free. You can discuss anything below.

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