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Mass Effect 3 - E3 2011: Extended Gameplay Part 1-2, Mech Gameplay, Guns & Full Demo Walkthrough, Live Action Trailer and Fall Of Earth 2011 Trailer.

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Extended Gameplay Part 1

Extended Gameplay Part 2

Mech Gameplay

Guns & Full Demo Walkthrough

Live Action Trailer

Fall Of Earth Trailer

theM3nace - - 331 comments

That live action trailer... Ugh :/
Everything else is superduper though

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Theon - - 713 comments

Yeah, um, wtf is this doing here?
ME2 was almost unmoddable, and I doubt ME3 will be any different.

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Heaney - - 961 comments

It's under the Mass Effect Fan Group.

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TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

You can mod ME 2, Just not in the normal ways.

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Soliddoors_ZA - - 1,048 comments

Mass Effect 3 is going to be INSANE.

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CapitalistGunman - - 3 comments

Very nice footage :)

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Wonkehcheetah - - 249 comments

Bioware is definitely allocating their time correctly, I am very pleased at what I see on Mass effect 3.

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Flash112 - - 1,218 comments

at 0:53 till 0:56 that alien's shadow is buggy (on the other side of the wall) :0
...not a good thing to show in a trailer xD

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keren - - 33 comments

And when Garrus is holding a gun , it goes right through him :D , but hey they still have 9 months to develop ME3 with much better graphics and sound effects ;) and story :) . I'm really excited for this. Im a fan since 2007 :) haha

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AJ_Quick - - 1,321 comments

didn't this used to be an RPG or something?

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Mavis130 - - 1,688 comments

but that was a long time ago [tear]

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AK151 - - 5,600 comments

It still IS an RPG. What, do you think that BioWare decided to just turn this into a straight up shooter, with no thought to morality or anything?

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Lupus_of_nox_noctis - - 1,088 comments

Sadly I must agree with AJ. The RPG elements in Mass Effect 1 with its brilliant story and depth is what made me a fan. But it does look like a normal shooter.

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