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Taking Doom³ PVE (Coop) and PVP (Deathmatch) multiplayer combat to the next level and beyond...

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Mars City Security:

Taking Doom³ PVE (Coop) and PVP (Deathmatch) multiplayer combat to the next level and beyond

Credits to the amazing Doom3 Community members that make MCS possible

-==August 2015 Update==-

Hello fellow Doom3 fans,

this update is for the diehard oldschoolers among you that still vividly remember the feeling of playing the original E1M1 Doom1 level on their 386ers cooperatively across the Local Area Network for the first time, seeing their buddy's Doom Marine Player Character suddenly appear on screen, effectively sharing the same virtual world across multiple PCs...

Taking krankymonkee's excellent DHC Hangar recreation and adding some custom codebase finetuning love to it, allows me now finally to present you a fully co-op multiplayer compatible and visually pimped version of E1M1 for D3 MCS...

This custom campaign level will be playable with up to 4 players cooperatively with all bells and whistles down to the atmosphere depressurizing should a stray bullet hit any of the isolating windows...


"Sigh", this really brings back memories... ;)

R0ADKILL - - 1,171 comments

:D yaay keep it up guys, this is gonna be awesome :D

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DeXiaZ - - 974 comments

Cool trailer!

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tompa82 - - 29 comments

oooooo mama!

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Gzegzolka - - 350 comments

Nice level design in big scale, but lacks lot of small touches here and there. Some everyday-use items, crates, brushes on walls, some destruction, wires and pipes on floor and as a result You will have not sterile map.

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conroy_bumpus - - 200 comments

am i the only one having headache after 5 sec watching the vid? srsly, guys, the ******* bloom.

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Oneofthe8devilz Author
Oneofthe8devilz - - 195 comments

:) Like all other graphics settings, the bloom is "optional" and can be disabled if preferred...

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medve - - 1,475 comments

whats the point of having the ammo counter on the gun if you put that insane dof effect on it? limit the dof to reloading, like every other human being does in sikkmod configs.

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Oneofthe8devilz Author
Oneofthe8devilz - - 195 comments

But I don't want to be like every other human being, I want to be special ;)

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