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Taking Doom³ PVE (Coop) and PVP (Deathmatch) multiplayer combat to the next level and beyond...

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Mars City Security: A Doom3 Next Generation COOP Mod

Credits to the amazing Doom3 Community members that make MCS possible

-==March 2015 Update==-

Hey folks,

with all our recent talking about netcode and COOP gameplay optimizations we figured that the PVP players among you might start to wonder if there will be a PVP mode in MCS at all and of what quality it might be compared to the COOP gametype.

All we want to say is: "Fear not, for we plan to put the same amount of detail and attention to the PVP modes, as we currently are for the cooperative modes."

And to demonstrate that PVP in MCS is quite some fun (even in its current early stage) we've decided to share some recorded DeathMatch footage from last weekend's testing session...

And for all the tech-geeks interested in the current state of the netcode rewrite, we also share this recorded footage, where we push our new netcode to the limits with an average ~800ms ping delay between the clients and the dedicated server.

In total there were 8 enemy AIs, 3 Friendly AIs and 3 Human Player Clients connected and in constant combat with all weapons being projectile based and synced across the network...

Stay tuned for more updates...

Jerkakame - - 819 comments

really cool

But with pvp I thought it meant like Versus in L4D or in RTCW Coop where you play as the infected/nazis and fight against the Good guys

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Oneofthe8devilz Author
Oneofthe8devilz - - 195 comments

This type of gameplay is also planned to be supported in future updates where players will be able to join the Demon forces and fight against Humans...

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Jerkakame - - 819 comments

sick man

Me and my mate played Open Coop, it was pretty buggy and annoying that we couldnt enable infinite extra lives.
But fun playing Doom 3 with friends, sad that the mod died.

Me and my mates are playing different coop games and Doom 3 is on our Coop list, when MCS gets released were gonna Coop the Doom again. And when versus mode comes, were gonna play it even more.

What are you gonna name the versus mode?

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Oneofthe8devilz Author
Oneofthe8devilz - - 195 comments

It is called "Demon Wars"...

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R0ADKILL - - 1,180 comments

Try Last Man Standing 4.0 version, it's pretty stable and works good and you have infinite lifes :)

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asus117 - - 8 comments

This looks so good. Do you guys have a planed release date?

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Oneofthe8devilz Author
Oneofthe8devilz - - 195 comments

Well usually we stick to the term "When it's done"... but I would be surprised in case we fail to release a playable public multiplayer beta till the end of summer 2015...

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