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Various factors are at work that are speeding up the progress of this mod :D

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First of all, we have a new animator: Comrade Bear. He's working on the Remington 700 at the moment (once I get my act together and help him out more). Please welcome him to the team.

Updates have been streaming in fairly regularly now as I have a little more free time lately.

A lot of new weapons have been added or are in the process of being added. r_populik is currently working on a public release of Original Weapons Renewal 3.0, which this mod is now based upon.

Here is a list of weapons new to UWR, and those added to OWR 3.0 replacing certain weapons (I'll mark which ones):

  • Remington 700
  • APS Stechkin
  • S&W M19
  • PP-19-01 Vityaz
  • AA-12
  • AK-104 w/ camo pattern
  • AKM
  • Glock 18C
  • CZ-75
  • FN FNC
  • FN FAL
  • AKM
  • HK G3SG/1
  • XM8 (OWR 3, replaces G36 Nimble version)
  • KS-23
  • L96a1
  • Ingram Mac-10
  • Ruger Mini-14 (new model wanted: if you can model one contact me!)
  • HK UMP-45 (OWR 3, replaces MP5 Nimble version)
  • OTS-33
  • M1014 (OWR 3, replaces Protecta Nimble version)
  • Glock 17 (OWR 3, replaces Sig P220)
  • Sig P226 (OWR 3, replaces Sig P220 Nimble version
  • Saiga 12k (OWR 3, replaces SPAS12 Nimble version)
  • SR-25
  • FN FNP45 (OWR 3, replaces USP-45 Nimble version)
  • IMI Uzi
  • Toz-194 (OWR 3, replaces "Winchester 1300")
  • MP-153 Baikal (OWR 3, replaces "Winchester 1300" Trapper version)
  • SR-3M Vikhr
  • PP-19 Bizon
  • RPK w/ Drum mag
  • GSh-18
  • MP412 Rex
  • Steyr Aug A1 (OWR 3, replaces FN2000, Nimble version still in-tact)

I've been working on shader changes as well as the engine. Because of said changes I would like to split UWR into two small ones and one big one: UWR (the weapons mod), an untitled weather mod based off of Atmosfear 3 (title suggestions welcome), and a bigger mod that combines both plus new gameplay changes, including those from a new team member: Ddraig. Please welcome him to the team as well. My goal is to add LUA extensions and code for any features he thinks should be added as I dig his gameplay ideas.

In terms of the weather mod, here's the current list of features:

  • Uses latest version of Open Xray engine which has tons of new features, LUAJit 2.0, and is compatible with any mods that don't modify the engine (Shoker won't work, neither will Gunslinger when it comes out).
  • Sun mask (cloud shadows) that works in DX9, 10, and 11 (previously only worked in DX9)
  • Rainbows in DX9 (usually only appear on rare occasions when the weather is just right, usually after a rain storm and the sun has come back out). Planning on adding them to DX10/11 if someone knowing HLSL can help me with porting it there.
  • Grass waves (used in Lost Alpha too) Note: I may make them configurable in the weather ltx's so it can vary depending on weather and turn off entirely at times.
  • Tree sway amplitude configurable in weather configs.
  • Skybox stretch fix (you can use normal size skyboxes in COP now).
  • Sun direction is based on weather configs now.
  • Rain direction more affected by wind gusts.
  • Radiation intensity variable via weather configs (planned: allows for dynamic "fallout"-type rain, Ddraig's idea)

I would like to hear several things:

Would you like UWR to be split off into these different mods, or remain as one? What bugs from Atmosfear 3 can you report to me? Would you kill me if I removed the foggy and very-foggy weather cycles from AF3? What weapons should be added?

That's all for now. Expect a release of one of the mentioned mods by end of Spring at the latest.


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Посколько оружие вечно не вписывалось в атмосферу. А здесь, все просто идеально, текстуры высший класс! Единственный веапон-пак, который не нарушает общую атмосферу игры.

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I'm with PressurE!

You should keep it all 1 mod, but rebrand it though. Since this is based on OWR 3, if we want just a weapons mod we could go there. And this mod should be it's own overhaul. Try some titles within the Ultimate and Renewal, like "Ultimate Pripyat Renewal". I'd too like to see this mod merged with MSO too, as I simply can not play without it anymore.
The foggy weathers look like ***, so you can go ahead and remove them.

I hope you make really good use of the engine improvements. Also, the weapons you're showing are pretty much top notch. I have no problem with this mod being "inferior" to Shoker or Gunslinger, because those 2 mods will always be just weapon mods... Your mod is looking like a great package that combines a lot of new features and improvements on every range.

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If you wan't to offer maximum compatibility for others to incorporate it into other projects then it's best to have separate parts.

Having said that, Why not offer both, there's no reason not to offer an all-in-one as well.

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Great update! Welcome to Comrade Bear and Ddraig! I know Ddraig from the SA forums and he is a talented dude to have around.

I used to own a Rem 700p and CZ-75b - it'll be fun to use them in the game :)

Wish you guys the best!

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Fun times are of coming :D good luck folks !

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Welcome CB!

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