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Today we come back with a new update of content of our video game for mobile devices, Taps & Dragons. This week we talk about maps, levels and some of the heroes that will help Yami in her adventure.

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Hello everyone!

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about the gameplay and our philosophy “Always win” (the player never loses, but rather keeps progressing). We also presented the gold and its function as “soft currency”. We introduced Yami, a ninja who has the main role in our game and is in charge to face all the monster who are waiting her on a endless game.

This week we talk about maps, levels and some of the heroes that will help Yami in her adventure.


Each map is composed by five levels, each of those has ten monsters to defeat, being the last one The Boss. The player will confront him at least 5 times in every map, achieving its death in the last level, always a multiply of 5. When the player defeats the Boss, he will pass to the next map.

In the new map we’ll find new enemies and a new boss. Some enemies are variants of others that can be found in other maps, but some of them will be unique per map.


To get the “deep effect” and progress, we put 2D elements in a 3D cylinder with a texture. When you kill a monster, the cylinder twists. The cylinder is composed by 10 parts, where a prefab with 2D props is randomly generated. With this, we want to give the player the impression that he isn’t spinning around one time and another. Each map will have at least 10 of this prefab.



Heroes are the key to progress fast in Taps & Dragons. Their main function is to attack the enemies even when the player is not playing. What? The game plays itself? It does. Like other mobile games, it counts how much time the player has been out and calculates the gold that he would have earned if the heroes had been attacking and killing enemies. This creates a “return trigger” for the player: he knows that there is a reward waiting for him.

Each hero has 10 abilities. Those abilities will improve the group’s DPS, critical chance, rewards, etc. Highest level heroes will have unique abilities.


We’ll have three types of heroes depending on their abilities: damage, utility and luck. Each one is focused on improving the group in a different way, either by dealing damage, enhancing stats or getting more rewards from the enemies. Of course, there will be mix of roles that will depend on the decisions that the player takes.

Down below we present some of our heroes. Lots of them are homegrown, but we didn’t want to miss the chance to introduce “easter eggs” of big characters who have left a mark on us. You will find too lots of easter eggs on the maps, enemies, bosses, and so on.


We hope you liked what you saw. We appreciate all the feedback that you send us. We want to hear your ideas!


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