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This is not a secret level. This is a love letter.

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The first secret level of TimeDestroyed is called MAP31: Love Letter. As the name implies, this map is a love letter to the first franchise of FPS I fell in love. The area you are seeing is an recreation of Terminal from COD mw2/mw3, while the music is a cover of the classic Zombie theme, Damned.

The first shooter I've ever played was COD 3 on the Wii. It was 2009, maybe. I was 9. Before then, I was very skeptical about what I used to call "war games". "Why sould I play just to shoot people? Where is the fun?" COD3 showed me how fun was to see nazis fly away after the explosion of a grenade, how fun was to hit the enemies with the butt of a bazooka, how fun was to run, point and shoot.

Growing up, I became best friend with a lucky child that had a modded xbox 360. "Can you believe that? Free games, I can play whatever I want". He showed me Black Ops 1. We used to play all the afternoon at that game, every weekend. He was the lucky one, having infinite supplies of games, while I was stuck with the lesser nintendo console and the dying ps2. Fast forward to 2012. Exactly one day before the upcoming end of the world, I bought a ps3 bundled with mw3. My first online memories are bound to this game and its sequel, BO2.

In 2014, the ps3 market was slowly fading away, as the ps4 started to gain more and more attention by the developers. I begun to give more attention to older games; I started buying collections and hd remasters. When I turned 14, i went to my local Gamestop, ready to buy the Legendary Edition of Skyrim. When I got there, there were no copies left. I had a backup plan: Far Cry The Wild expedition. They didn't have copies of that one too. My last choice was DOOM 3 BFG Edition. They had just one copy left. For 20€ I bought 3 games and their expansions. I was the happiest teenager in the world, even if I didn't get to buy what I wanted in the first time.

Almost 7 years have passed and here I am, working alone on a megawad and putting all my heart and love into the recreation of one of the best multiplayer maps of its time. This is the story behind MAP31: Love Letter.

Thank you Call of Duty for making me fall in love with the FPS genre.

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