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Hello users, Cherubi here the creator of the 2 addon maps, with a small update for you.

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Hello peoples, Cherubi talkin to you loud n proud with a few updates they may possibly be happening to the addon maps I made available to you all.

As you know the creep Ai is pretty.....stupid sitting there doing nothing after units are produced and holding their ground.

Well after learning more of the scripting and actually making a map from scratch. (which is pretty difficult)

I've come to understand things better then I previously did, Two vs Unlimited is proof of this.

Now I believe, I can make the creep Ai a bit smarter then they were. I believe i can make them garrison and patrol if i want them to do so. and hopefully balance them better.

So listen. I really want to hear suggestions from you guys. What are your ideas let me know.

List of changes I have planned:

Script changes for Infantry and Vehicles (Both maps - Center Paradise vehicles)

Remove reinforcement bay for a Marked of Kane Hand of Nod (Center Paradise)

Add patrol routes (both maps)

Add subroutines to co align with patrol routes (both maps)

Add steal Talons war-factory (Two vs Unlimited)

Give power reserves via scripting for creep Ai, remove power plants because of this for war-factory (two vs unlimited)

Addition of a Titan and Predator Tank upon game start as defense (Two vs Unlimited)

Addition of patrol routes for Pitbull Boss as well as a HP buff, as well as a reduction of units spawned while still alive and killed (Center Paradise)

Rework of teams to use new buildings (both maps)

Add patrol routes for new teams but with reduced numbers (center paradise)

Add patrol routes for new and old teams (Two vs Unlimited)

And a few more depending on suggestions.

Radu273 - - 1,480 comments

the changes you mentioned are ok. its not that we know better than you. for me personally this is one of the best mods out there. what i want from the mod is to play a skirsmish game with 8 players maybe without lag, and obviously an ai at least a little challenging. usually i set it to easy or medium. never been a fan of hard or very difficult ai. my love of the mod comes because i saw unique, interesting and usefull units to each faction, making the gameplay awesome. what also matters for me is redesigned campaign to work with the mod and beautifull fun maps to play with others, usually i play with ai.

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ItzTeeJaay- - - 406 comments

These fan custom maps are made by cherubi
He Doesn’t have any input in the mod itself as I’m the only one who works on it

For the campaign
I will be editing the entire campaign soon
I’m currently working on 5.2 version of the mod , which is further polishing and balancing
Much was changed since 4.8.9
So you’ll see a lot better when you play the next version :)

I don’t remember if all 9 factions were in 4.8.9 , but if they weren’t , just know that they will all be back for 5.2 :)
I’m just taking my time with this next release as I want it to have had a lot of work done for it to be a viable next patch

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ItzTeeJaay- - - 406 comments

And Thankyou for the nice comment about the mod :) I’m glad you enjoy it

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Cherubi0990 Author
Cherubi0990 - - 20 comments

After some testing on two vs unlimited, i believe i have reworked the ai alot better now. just need to do a few little fixes and that one might be ready to upload.

also side note. i have no impact on the mod as a whole. these are purely fan made maps that i wanted to do. because i have too much time on my hands.

All of chemical warfare is made by and only by ItsTeeJaay

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Guest - - 695,201 comments

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