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Announcing the return of DX: MIB (now seeking experienced team members)!

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Attention Deus Ex fans:

The Deus Ex: Man in Black mod team is once again looking for new team members to fill various positions.

What is Man in Black?
Deus Ex: Man in Black is a user-made single player modification for the original Deus Ex. It tells the story of two MJ12 MIB agents, Agent Q and Shadow. The mod is set approximately one month after the events of the original game and will allow the players to continue the story from the perspective of a Majestic 12 agent.

Alas, it does not have anything to do with Johnny Cash.

What makes this mod different from others?
Man in Black features two distinct protagonists. From the outset, the player will choose whether to play as Agent Q or Shadow. Agent Q is a nano-augmented MIB agent, the first of the Series Q agents, and will have access to nanoaugmentation canisters throughout the course of the game. Agent Shadow is an older model Series P agent; players will begin the game with any 5 augs installed, including combinations that were not possible in the original game. However, these augmentations are hard-wired; players can upgrade their augs and skills, but they cannot install new augmentations. Agent Shadow will also begin with more skill points available to the player.

What positions are available on the team?
MIB is looking for experienced team members to fill the following tasks:

-Mapper: Man in Black will feature at least 10 missions per storyline with multiple load zones. MIB will also feature several returning locations from the original game, which will need to be edited and rescripted.
-Coder: The mod will present several unique coding challenges, including mission scripting, a new character selection screen with options for two different protagonists, NPC coding, map transitions, etc.
-Character Skinner: MIB will feature dozens of new characters, including NPCs and major characters. Each of these will require new skins or combinations of previous character skins.
-Sound Editor: Man in Black is looking for someone to coordinate voice actor submissions and ensure that all sound files are recorded and implemented with good quality. There is also a need to create voice filters/effects for several major characters, including both Agent Q and Shadow.

Is the mod accepting submissions for voice actors?

Not at this time. We will begin accepting voice acting submissions after all mission scripts are finalized and a designated sound editor is on board.

When will this mod be released?

The mod will be released in two-mission episodes. We do not currently have a release date goal; in my prior experience, these always end up getting pushed back over and over again. So we'll just go with the classic "when it's finished" approach for now. Apologies.

Do you have a website?

Mod DB: <!-- m -->

A public website will be in the works as we develop more media for release.
<!-- m -->

Interested parties should contact me, WildcatPhoenix, at <!-- e --><!-- e --> or through PM on this forum. IMPORTANT: Prospective team members should submit a sample of your previous work for consideration.



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