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Our website is still being continously attacked by malware, but we're working on it.

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Hello everyone,

Unfortunately the hacking-attacks on our website haven't stopped yet. Due to communication problems with our web-hoster, there's not really a lot that we can do about it right now, so we decided to take the website offline to asssure your security. Yet we're working on it and we'll hopefully find a solution by next week. But there will be a little (or big, depending on your point of view) surprise by the time we got our site up and running again, so that will hopefully make up for all the inconvenience! :-)

All the best,


ChuckNrs - - 189 comments

As long as this gets released eventually, I'll be happy!

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TheUnbeholden - - 3,617 comments

heheh of course, that is what matters in the end.

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ZeroComfort - - 82 comments

Good luck, stay strong and vigilant!

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angryreefer - - 67 comments

I hope the best for SureAI and Enderal, my anticipation of Enderal is the most ive ever had for any mod. Even surpassing Nehrim, however take all the time you need, and i appreciate your attitude towards your fan base. I wish that larger gaming corporations would take a few pointers from you guys. But good luck.

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GhostOne7 - - 108 comments

yeh good luck

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PPoe - - 14 comments

I wish you good luck and i hope for more screenshots, or even some video.=) My anticipations are extremly high, Nehrim was a blast.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote - - 1,090 comments

I watched the whole Nehrim walkthrough in german on youtube,
it was very fasinated with the story and characters.
Good luck in the future

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Squeebo - - 388 comments

Best of luck solving the issue, and I look forward to the surprise.

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Zym0n - - 15 comments

Wow... Just read it yet. And just got multiple *******!
Simply due to the opportunity there could be news about Enderal!

... Now a Cigarette!

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Guest - - 695,444 comments

Who would even want to try to destroy something that other people are making for free? It's beyond me..

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Guest - - 695,444 comments

Most likely a company that makes money off of Open-World games ie. Bethesda (ZeniMax). Not saying it was them but I wouldnt be surprised. Its a well known fact that Nehrim was better then Oblivion and even Skyrim for that matter so it would make sense for the company to tryn stop someone from making a whole new game that would be better than anything they can produce. Especially since Enderal has a lot more publicity then Nehrim did so it will have a lot of publicity once it is released.

It could be someone else whos just a total *** but the more likely candidate would be a rival group/company that makes money from making this genre of games.

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rogervanzant - - 137 comments

Probably Bethesda jealous that Nehrim is a waaaay better game than Skyrim and Oblivion... Wish I can get Nehrim working on my PC again, I still love it!

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