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Just want to keep you updated on what's going on with the mod recently.

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Just wanted to tell you guys that I'm done witht he Galactic Empire and nearly done with Grand Imperium. As I have stated I'm having trouble getting the heroes added. Some of you may think that the Grand Imperium is a copy of the Empire, but they aren't. They have several units that the Empire can't get and can get some different buildings. They will have 3 SSD (all via a hero).

What I really need to know is should we continue with the Jerec story or have something different? I talked about changing the leadership from Dark Jedi like Jerec and Tremayne and not putting them in the game. Instead have a fictional or real, very powerful and influential Imperial family lead the Grand Imperium. Have the family head be the Emperor - like Roan Fel was Emperor of the Fel Empire. I think it is an interesting. I think I would be up for stretching the story a bit and adding a unit like the Imperial Knights as elite force users for the GI. The Grand Imperium would be like a neutral force using empire like the Fel Empire. Not supporting the Dark Side nor do they really go for Jedi ideals. They could be a good faction for Empire lovers who aren't big dark side or force using fans. So that's something to think on.

I also had another idea that maybe we could add. One of my favorite Sith Lords is Darth Maul. I think we can all agree he is one of the most BA of them all. Since technically he is not dead that he could replace Darth Ravager as the rogue Sith Lord with Black Sun or even replace Jerec as Emperor of the Grand Imperium. Just some ideas to think about. I want feedback on what the players think would be the coolest and funnest.


Okay. Here is my opinion.

I'm glad the Imperium isn't a copy of the Empire. I wonder what their starbases and emblem will look like.

I personally think we should keep the Imperium. I like the dark feel of it... I gave you my idea of making a new Imperial Warlord faction that had Clone Wars era units, and give the Imperium Dark Empire and Old Sith units.

I like Darth Krayt. But Darth Maul is awesome too. I think it would be a good idea to replace Ravager with Maul and maybe add somebody like Grievous (Or NK Necrosis) to the Hutt Cartel.

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