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In Cape Bleue I try to make a complex fighting system. I already worked a lot on enemies' AI (making them guard, attack and chase the player, patrolling when idle, etc.), now I'll improve player's combat moves. First step: making animations.

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I worked mainly on platformer mechanics these last weeks: grip on ledges, zipline, ladders, etc. Everything works fine so far, and the game begins to be enjoyable on this side.

However, all the fight mechanics and scripts haven't changed for a long time (in this blog post I showed my process to make the main character's attack animation), and they need a lot of work. That's what I'm on these days.

I started to make new attack animations. These first 3 animations below are meant to be a combo.

New attack animationsNew attack animations New attack animations

The crouch attack:

New attack animations

This attack (below) is triggered when the player attacks while blocking. It pushes enemies and can break their guard, or pushes objects violently... In my dreams. For now it's coded like a normal attack, with more bugs.

New attack animations

Below, the animation I used before this update, for basic attacks. I plan to use it if UP is pressed when attack is triggered.

New attack animations

Jumping attack:

New attack animations

Animating is hard! These are far from perfect but they are usable while programming.

I still have a lot of work on this (mostly on the way the character will move on X axis while attacking, and better timings on enemies' stun so it really has the effect of a combo), but I'm happy to be already able to show in-game karate action:


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First time seeing this game, and it looks amazing :) Great animations btw :)

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