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The vertical slice is soon ready for closed testing - stay tuned.

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Hello everyone, as mentioned in the last post, we have been working hard on the next big task - transforming the game from a prototype, into a playable. For several dark winter months we have been grinding away in our awesome developer den - an actual basement.

We are now able to see the light at the end of the tunnel - a playable which gives an impression of the whole game, inclusive campaign structure, customization, resources, story and events, multiple levels etc.

We are looking at an additional couple of weeks of development, then we should be ready for external testing, by all the good people who have signed up here on indie db.

Since the last update, we have worked on virtually everything, including:
Graphics - new visuals for planning mode, work on models, textures, light, effects etc.
New environment around the levels (no more floating islands for this game...)
Gameplay - UI, stats, usability, weapons and items.
Customization - unique soldiers with different stats, traits and abilities.
Campaign flow - gameflow, story screens, events, ressources etc.
Content - more levels, night scenes, intro movie, new main menu, voice over etc.
-and a lot of other stuff...

We also have a lot of fresh screenshots and a short video for your enjoyment:

Level intro

Planner mode   top down 1

Planner mode   top down 2

Action mode   low 3

Action mode   low 7

Planner mode   top down 3

action mode   close up

Campfire scene 2

Day Screen 1

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