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Version 1.0.8 is now Live and bring some major changes to the game!

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Version 1.0.8 is now Live and bring some major changes to the game!

NOTE: Save game files prior to version 1.0.0. will not work with this update anymore. So if you still have older game files and want to continue playing them, then load and save them in previous version and only after that update your game files to 1.0.8., this way you will be able to play old game files.


  • Overall update to all Scenarios including economy, gameplay and end goals
  • Unity updated (should reduce crashes when you load games with alot of history)
  • Replaced the old drag and drop system with a new one
  • Snow animation update with smoother animations
  • Fixe placement issues in App2 in Z2
  • Private island offers 2 access points
  • Fixed an issue where items would randomly disappear in the Backpack (only if you had apples in it)
  • More mechanical parts and trash is beeing spawned
  • Traffic system update (should solve the buildups near the Hospital)
  • Fixed a bug where some players were unable to sell Lavander Pillows
  • Night ambient light brightend (few screens rendered it to dark)
  • Fixed a UI stuck issue
  • Local & Global map drawing issues resolved
  • Minimap toggle improved
  • Addressed a reported typos
  • Fixed not being able to open add-on details in apartments upgrade window
  • Fixed divide by zero error in add-on sales calculation

Major Update




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