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A new objective system, new combat powerup, revise the whole gameplay, and much more.

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A major milestone!

Since our most recent game update, we have received a lot of feedback on Spheriums from our incredible community and gameplay testers; we've been hard at work this month developing new and revised game systems we think you'll enjoy!

Version 0.90 is now available on Steam early access.

New Objective System and UI Changes

  • Introduced an objective tracking mechanic for clearer in-game goals for player to accomplish.
  • Greatly simplified in-game tutorial system.
  • Added a compass to the user interface to help the player navigate while in-game.
  • Inventory and Map menus are now easier to view.


Your AI companion Kindra has been upgraded to now provide helpful level completion info through new animations and dialogue. We believe this will greatly aid the player in deciding where to go and what to do. The state of each active and completed objective will now be displayed on an easily accessible page in-game.

Spheriums' tutorials have been simplified as a result of these changes, and partially integrated into your interactions with Kindra. This has helped with the early-game's flow, and overall player immersion.

Combat Powerup!

  • Added unique, alternate firing modes main weapons.
  • Weapon range increased by 50%.
  • Antimatter Shell bullet-drop reduced by 50%
  • Added a shortcut for triggering the right power-up for the equipped weapon for increased responsiveness in combat.


The weapon system has been improved by adding alternate fire options to all of the main weapons, giving the player even more options to fight the Drainers.

Energy Blasts and Psionic Orbs, for example, now have a powerful spread-shot which fires three projectiles. The Antimatter Shells, however, can be fired without using up any Structonite resource for a weaker alternate shot!

These new firing modes spend your energy bar, so energy management and a clever use of energy powerups is essential for getting the most out of your abilities.

Playtesting found it was difficult to perceive when the player was hitting some enemies due to the overall short range of weapons. We've increased weapon range by 50% for all the main weapons and reduced the curved arc on the Antimatter Shell by 50%. Combat feels more responsive with these changes and the Arcos also feels more powerful, especially at higher difficulty levels.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Added more primary resource nodes to the Korala, Meolia, and Mazir levels.
  • Primary resource nodes of Structonite, Membranium, and Elastrum throughout the levels now have a faster respawn rate, and all respawn at the same increased speed.
  • Doubled the pick-up range for useable items in the levels.


We wanted to reduce downtime spent gathering essential resources and get the player back into the action quickly. To get there we've increased the overall total of these resources nestled into level environments and had all resource nodes new and old respawn their resources at a faster rate.

The pick-up range for all objects was also increased to help with game flow, and speeds up resource gathering, and work on many of other objects Arcos interacts within the levels as well.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a message that the inventory is full that displayed when the player tried to pick up some specific items.
  • Fixed enemy Drainers' rocket launcher sometimes having the wrong initial firing position.
  • Fixed missing collisions in some areas and the cull visibility of big rocks on the Volcano Island of Meolia.
  • Fixed lighting issues with the bigger trees on Meolia.
  • Fixed a bug where the Etherium sphere could be lost on Meolia when recharging.

Known Issues

  • Sometimes the battle sound will keep playing after killing all enemies. FIX: Save/Load to fix the music until we fix the bug.
  • Materials on the TRX IV to be redone.
  • The game will currently display in full screen only on the native resolution of the screen. Otherwise, it will be displayed in a window.
  • Resolutions with an aspect ratio different from 1.77 will result in a distorted display.
  • Aspects of the skill tree management are missing content.

Spheriums is coming to Xbox Series X/S this fall

Here are the first screenshots...


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