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Update to the UM project as we approach the 2nd MONTH of testing.

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Courage, Honour, and always... Vigilance!

Battle Brothers.. our 2nd month of testing has completed and the project has reached a MAJOR milestone again: 100% voice coverage! That is over 100 units fully voiced!!! :O You can imagine the shear level of immersion this allows for when virtually no vanilla voices are ever heard except for those Codex Astartes-approved. :)

Thanks to Brother Kekoulis (our resident Forge Master of all things 3D, OE, and more) we've made a huge leap in correcting many 3D issues in many models over the past month+. Much spit and polish has been applied and now our !!! 4TH BUILD !!! is in the hands of the testers. The amount of progress in the last 3 months has been utterly mind-boggling!

NOTE ONCE MORE: We still need voice script writers for PRIMARIS Space Marines. (again, not act).

Any help with the above would be quite appreciated at this time however its important in order to write lines you know your basic dex/fluff/background on the Ultramarines and, perhaps, Astartes lore in general. That way your lines will flow well and are in context to the unit being scripted.

Retain your undying faith in all things Codex!

ghobot21 - - 281 comments

For the greater good!

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thudo Author
thudo - - 985 comments

Hmmm.. didn't know we were running a Tau Mod? ;)

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Hollow4thewat - - 587 comments

'were'? What happened to the project? :/

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thudo Author
thudo - - 985 comments

hehe.. well, that is another story good sir! :)#)

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Nutcase86 - - 1 comments

Is the calgar model ready??? When can we download? so excited for this. Havent found calgar in any other mod or game. If anyone does know one that i dont let me know!

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thudo Author
thudo - - 985 comments

In a fashion it is... have a provide a screenshot at some point.

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BlackCookie23 - - 1 comments

Its the best w40k mod on this planet!:D
but i have one problem idk how to download and instal your mods pls help me :/

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