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Update to the UM project as we approach the 2nd week of testing.

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Courage, Honour, and above all... Vigilance!

We're now into the second week (two builds done) for this insane project with some fantastic feedback and progress all around. We're in the progress of fixing more art AND I am not only updating the project overall but slloowwwlly adding all finished voices for the entire Chapter (that is.. ALL of them including a ton extras not many are aware of). >:]

What we need from the community is as follows:

1) Voice script writers for some remaining Ultramarines units to voice script (not act, we're covered here).
2) Voice script writers for PRIMARIS Space Marines. (again, not act).

Any help with the above would be quite appreciated at this time however its important in order to write lines you know your basic dex/fluff/background on the Ultramarines and, perhaps, Astartes lore in general. That way your lines will flow well and are in context to the unit being scripted.

Thank you everyone!


I'd ordinarily be delighted to put together some scripts, however everything I know of primaris marines is pieced together from wikis like lexicanum. I've never read Gathering Storm 3, or Dark Imperium, which I'd imagine to be the required reading for the task.

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thudo Author

Thank you Jazz... PM sent!

Anyone else? We seriously need Primaris voice scripters as well as general Astartes scripters also (to fill gaps that came up as the project grew).

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