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Update to the UM project as we approach the 3rd MONTH of testing.

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Courage, Honour, and always... Vigilance!

Codex Brothers.. our 3rd month of testing has completed and the project has reached a MAJOR milestone again: musical scores are NOW added to both the Main Menu and while you play the game itself. You will now find yourself completely immersed even more as if you are witnessing some sort of Astartes Recruitment video! I actually find myself just listening and being inspired by all the orchestrated/symphonic pieces playing in the background than paying attention: watch those distractions, mistah!!! >:]

Once more the incredible Brother Kekoulis (our resident Forge Master of all things 3D, OE, and more) has added such things as a Tyrannic Land Raider (with side Plasma Gun Arrays), updated Tyrannic Rhino, and our Venerable Dreadnought which now specifically flies the banner in which salutes those whom gave their lives at the Battle of Macragge. These three are now added in the screenshot section.

We're hoping to add further spit and polish in our forthcoming !! 6 !! build. Overall, mind you, we're that much closer now to having this project on everyone's HDD/SSD.

Note: Thank you to all who helped finish off all the Primaris Space Marines voice scripting! This will be a HUGE step forward as there is a plan in the future to add them in some capacity so having voice lines completed then voices recorded ahead of time is a big part of the workflow done.

Maintain your faith in all things Codex.

satan666666 - - 170 comments

Yes chapter master. Serve you.

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GoodLuc - - 86 comments

Is there a planned date for release? At least for beta.

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thudo Author
thudo - - 985 comments

We're getting very close but we're confident no one really wants it. ;) Don't worry.. you and everyone here will immediately know. Very proud of what the team has put together since mid-Dec last years. Incredible beyond-measure progress in such a short period.

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GoodLuc - - 86 comments

Thank you for your work. We'll wait.

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CharlieChill - - 138 comments

I want it...I want it...I want it...

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