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Lone Wolf Return of Shadow Beta version 0.145 is out now. This version focuses on balancing and bug fixing.

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Patch 0.145 is out now fixing many issues and laying down the groundwork for things to come.
Included with this patch is the new Iron Hills map.

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You'll also need Beta 0.1 and Patch 0.14

With Patch 0.145 out it's time to shift focus towards 0.15 and Dunland's release.
Dunland will be the 6th faction released for LWR and the first time Dunland has made an appearance as a full fledged faction for any BFME series mod to date.

The lands of Dunland are filled with proud people who have been in conflict with both the Numenoreans and the Rohirrim in the past as they fought to defend their lands against usurpers.
The population of Dunland can be broken down into 2 types of Dunlendings the men of the Hills and those of the lowlands.
The men of the hills and valleys of the Misty Mountains and places like Dol Baran are the most eager of the Dunlendings to go to war with the Rohirrim whom they call Forgoil or strawheads.
The lowlanders are more peaceful than the men of the hills but even now they grow uneasy as the words of the white Wizard spread among them of tales of green pastures and memories of the lands they once held.

The Dunlendings are led by brave men such as Talbor (pictured below) a veteran, great warrior and hero among the Dunlendings.

But the road to Dunland is still fresh before us and it will be a while before we get there.
In the meantime be sure to play Patch 0.145 and report any bugs and balance issues you find in the forums.

It's not just Dunland getting attention with patch 0.15 the current 5 factions will be getting their final touches as well.
Eyes are also on the future past Patch 0.15 and onto the eventual release of the other factions such as Harad, Rivendell and The Deep but for now we have the Dunlendings to look forward to.

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