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Daemonion got stereo audio working in SoC! Rejoice!

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Yours truly got stereo audio working this morning. If you are curious about the specifics, I posted a tutorial (pending ModDB approval) for you all to see. I've been trolling Russian-speaking forums lately and finally was able to talk with some folks who knew what they were doing. Big thanks to Artos and Malandrinus over at AMK Forums!

About stereo audio - I know I talk about it a lot, but this is some exciting stuff. Why? Because, once again, what I accomplished hasn't been done before in the Shadow of Chernobyl engine in any mod I'm aware of. I was pissed when I realized Call of Pripyat supported stereo audio natively, and SoC had some bullshit workaround that didn't even function correctly. Frustration, however, can be a very productive emotion if you let it.

Combined with my space restrictors, which can now play IN STEREO, the sound environments in LURK 1.2 are going to be incredible.

Check out some of the audio files I posted to hear the difference between mono (what would have been in LURK) vs stereo (what will now be in LURK).

I apologize for not having a whole lot of content for this update in terms of videos and what not, but the implications were definitely worthy of a milestone - I've been trying to do this for six months! So, to make you all feel better, I have re-posted my Thunder Demo from SoundCloud. I put a lot of stuff on there, so subscribe to my SoundCloud account if you are interested.




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