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Status update regarding members and progress alike.

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I regret to inform the general public that my GPU, which has been a ticking time bomb ever since I cleaned it out from overheating to 100+ degrees Celsius, has died after taking irreparable damage to the thermal components and slowly dying of old age as the card continued to fail to properly regulate the heat generated from the main chip, and slowly died after generating visual artifacts and shutting off, no longer producing a signal. Let's drink to him once more.

As much as I'd like this to simply be a personal matter that need not concern the end user, it just so happens that I am a poor as shit paycheck to paycheck bachelor douchebag with limited means for providing myself a backup, and I'm currently writing this on a laptop with chipset graphics. Which obviously has poor gaming capability, I won't be able to test my own work very well until I find a way to produce an alternative, which could prove difficulty if the situation looks anything like I think it does (shipwrecked swimming with a life preserver).

Regardless, life goes on and so does development on L.U.R.K. 1.2, as I've elaborated in the past, Panzerdraco has offered to assume control previously, and largely has for the several months I was indisposed. This didn't pose an issue previously, but as of late we have undertaken far more ambitious projects which I will refrain from going too in depth on until we're closer to understanding how it will look in the final version (as well as for the sake of not spoiling the fun), and since this requires a different skill set that Panzer has, it will prove a bit difficult until I find a way to get around my life circumstances.

I'm actually learning how to use the horribly finicky SDK, thanks to the efforts of Daemonion's tutorials and such. If all goes well it should mean I can be far more flexible in the way I modify and add to maps, such as placed objects and NPCs. - Panzerdraco

This is indeed bad news for people who were looking for a December release, albeit that was mostly out of the window when we decided to make some fairly drastic changes that would push back the version a bit longer. Although most of you would moan that we've found another way to bounce the check and push back further, I think that most of you will be happy we did, as we've answered the desires of many recently in an unexpected way.

Most of what people recognize about L.U.R.K. is aesthetic changes, balance aspects, ballistics, AI, things that relate specifically to mechanics and presentation, improving on core concepts. We've reached what we feel is a suitable foundation for the game, or at least see it on the horizon, with the inclusion of artifact detectors, consumable/medical application system, arsenal overhaul, graphical presentation, etc. etc... This is basically not only to improve the experience of the end user, but the foundation for a building that will stand on top of these solid design characteristics.

Although I can't take credit for most of what we're working on right now. In fact the vast majority of the work is adaptation, quality control, and translation of an effort to restore lost content in all shapes and sizes from GSC themselves lost in development hell, adapted and stitched largely by crafty Russian modders in a project called R.M.A. (thank you to Bioshocker for bringing it to my attention). This includes a broad range of changes that affects, dialogue, plot, quests, sequences, A-Life, even locations, all in a way that coincides and better develops the proper canon plot as intended by GSC but lost in a final effort by THQ to release Shadow of Chernobyl in a timely fashion.

I'll speak more on the matter in the future, but just know that the prayers of those hoping for a more refreshing experience from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. can look forward to L.U.R.K. in a big way. You'll come to understand the Zone and the way it was intended to play much better in our upcoming release, and I think we'll all understand what the 'complete' version of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl looked like better then anyone with L.U.R.K. 1.2, I bet my graphics card on it.

Update 12/29/11:
I've been receiving a few donations from people willing to help me acquire a new GPU from Facepunch users who I've mentioned this to. If you're interested in helping me, my email is . Thank you in advance.

Update 6. Jan.'12
Hey everybody, I rejoined the team as a 3d artist. I used to be a part of the LURK team 2 years ago before I left for army and I'm back in the STALKER modding scene :)
Look forward for awesome new weapons!

Seeker_of_Strelok - - 337 comments

I think people are just happy that the mod isn't gone and forgotten. We'll wait for it, no matter how long it will take, as L.U.R.K. is one of the best mods out there as far as graphics and game play go.

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Lоnerboner - - 8,303 comments

If i can wait for LA, i can for L.U.R.K.!

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ShadowFear - - 864 comments

This is the project reality of Stalker. I ******* love it.

Give that graphics card a medal.

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Oilman - - 61 comments

>'complete' version of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Holden now working for Artistpavel, heard it here first

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MoerasGrizzly - - 58 comments

Not to imply anything, but one of the reasons why Shadow of Chernobyl was a flawed gem was because at the beginning, the devs really wanted to do too much. It is called "feature creep". I hope that LURK will not fall prey to that.

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