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Lox Map Compiler 2 project design is ready. The structure of the compiler system is planned and ready to be coded by our programmers.

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We offer a comprehensive compiler

The project is fully modular and can be modified by a person. We will share some parts of the project as open source, to let everyone change it like how they want.

How it works?

The design of the project lets you compile multiple maps at the same time. We call that "Buildslaves". Everything will be much easier because you don't need to wait to finish the compile, you can continue doing your work while compiling the map.
The software offers a project system, every map will be a project in the software when you add. Therefore, you will be able to share your project with others and can share your compiler settings in order to let others compile maps for your modification.
Every project will have its own options for the compilers. And there will be suboptions in the compilers. You will be able to type code in suboptions, pre-build and post-build system.

For now, it's all that we can say about it.
See you soon with Lox Game Launcher.

Project Design and structure planned by LordOf Xen.

Lox Game Studio Team.

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