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A summary of the most recent updates to the LOUD AI Project for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

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This week we have some substantial behind-the-scenes updates for the LOUD AI Project for Supreme Commander:Forged Alliance. You can get these updates by using the 'Check for Updates' button on your installer/launcher tool.

Here is a summary of the changes;

  • -- the updater itself has been bumped to Version 3.31 - fixes some lower case filename issues
  • -- some map repairs and tweaks (City Wars, Alpha 7) - textures and no rush radius
  • -- all naval units that are eligible updated with BOMBARDMENT category
  • -- a review of Tactical Missile Defense (TMD) systems and adjustments
  • -- increased storage values for all factories
  • -- threat values on all factories revised upwards (generates attraction for the AI)
  • -- threat values on all resource production units revised upwards
  • -- additional work on Naval AI to better tune his output
  • -- additional work on Naval AI to better detect no opponent situations
  • -- new work on Amphib AI to streamline amphibious output on water maps
  • -- footprint shift for UEF T1 naval factory - now same as other tiers
  • -- Black Ops ACU no longer starts game damaged
  • -- Black Ops ACU starter weapon down from 500DPS to 200DPS
  • -- Black Ops ACU veterancy table no longer same as vanilla ACU (increased kills required)
  • -- various tooltip revisions and additions for unit restrictions
  • -- UEF T4 Lucidity bomber flight characteristics adjusted
  • -- LABs should have their ability to attack from transports back
  • -- added the sub-mod - Realistic Nukes - see Mod Manager in game for details
  • -- T3 Naval factories gain the ability to build hovercraft and torpedo bombers
  • -- T3 Stealth field generators (all factions) gain T2 level teleport jamming

As usual, if you have any comments, please post them here, or on our LOUD AI Discord server


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