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A summary of the most recent updates to the LOUD AI Project for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

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Greetings !

This week there will be an update to several portions of the LOUD AI Project for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. Remember - use the LOUD Updater/Installer utility to keep your version up to date.

Here is a brief summary of the unit changes/repairs;

  • -- T3 Artillery fixes (not firing issues)
  • -- T1 Air Scouts getting same radar as T1 bombers (energy cost increased)
  • -- further tuning to torpedo and torpedo defense systems
  • -- corrections to several units collision boxes
  • -- additional tooltip and ability infomation for some units
  • -- internal additions in preparation for Naval bombardment
  • -- naval unit speed and accel adjustments
  • -- minor changes to Engineer costs/speed/acceleration/storage

Additional LOUDMOD structure enhancements;

-- T2 airpads gain shield and radar enhancements making them more suitable for use in combat areas and as a focal point for your firebase - this is similar to the enhancements already available on factories.

We anticipate some future enhancements to T2 Torpedo launchers and additional enhancements to the airpads that we trust you'll find useful.

In this weeks AI changes;

  • -- ACU behavior changes
  • -- Base Monitor updates to better manage local base threats
  • -- Factory production tuning that responds to base threats
  • -- DistressResponse re-enabled for most platoons

Most of the behavior changes this week revolve around Distress Response behaviors. We recently deactivated Distress Response to see it's impact on LOUD and to spend some time refining it before turning it back on. These routines govern how LOUD responds to specific threats to his ACU, his base positions and specific platoons that both call for, or answer to, Distress calls. Ideally, when LOUD can effectively manage the early game better, we'll introduce additional 10k maps to our distribution.


Great work! Love it a lot!
Actually your mod is the reason I started playing the game again.

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This mod brings nice performance increase especially in late game but has some drawbacks.
Ai is not smart (even with cheating 150% res bonus).
Reverting to original game make all ai types (sorian and original) to be blocked and impossible to select.
Deleting explosions makes game weird, empty in some ways (firing barge of artillery i always epic now is like, FIRE puff enemy dies).
Some maps have collision (upper layers of map not exist for targeting) bugs (artillery shot 50-150m off target exact same spot forever, nukes hit 1-2 km before target)

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Sprouto Author

It would be useful to hear why you think LOUD is not smart - since without specifics we can't address the points. Just to be clear - if you use only the resource bonus (and not the build bonus that is intended to go with it) then you're right - he won't be any smarter.

There is no way to revert to the original game and still have LOUD - it's NOT a mod - it's a complete overhaul - so it's no surprise that you won't see other AI's. That's the entire point.

The nuke issue you're describing is actually a projectile lifetime issue that will be addressed in this week's patch, as will the artillery targeting drift associated with playing large maps.

We really want to address all these questions - so don't be shy - come onto our Discord server and give us specifics that we can look into. Together we all win.

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Just finished 3vs3 aix (250pop limit) Max build speed 150%res map 6player Seton's Clutch v7.
Only 1 Ai use land units (middle one). Sends several waves and then stop and pile them up.
Once i saw 12-15 enemy gunships T2 behind our lines flying aroud my extractors T4, no shots given fly twords my base and get shot dwon by my AA T3 "smart" move.
I wonder why they not clean up all those extractors. I admire your work and im trying to help.
Ai need a lot of work until then difficuly is very easy/easy.

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Sprouto Author

A 250 pop limit is far too restrictive for LOUD to build an army with - the additional resources will only compound that issue. I suggest you try a 3 v 2 with a higher unit cap (or unlimited) - in general, LOUD requires about 500+ to perform properly - more if naval is involved (like Setons). Setons also has a problem in that it has 2 seperate bodies of water - something that all AI have a problem working out. To get a proper appreciation of what LOUD can do on the water, try Coastal Conflict, Barrier Islands or Shards.

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It works well now. I think that experimental units should be sent with a suicide mission (they die anyway in way back). I wonder why ai pile EX units everywhere (ally ai nuke them a lot and they are easy targets for artylery). Must say its funny seeing 10-20 ex units moving into your base while your base is constantly shot by 12 artillery unit T4 (slight disappointment are loses: 1 extractor).

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Sprouto Author

Good to hear that you're starting to get some satisfactory results. Now that we have a lot more people trying LOUD in new ways, we're finding lots of issues that need to be addressed - especially those who like small maps, LOUD is not well suited for small maps - but he'll only get better.

Thanks for the comments.

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