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A February 2018 update on things going on with The LOUD AI Project for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance.

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The last few weeks have been very exciting times for the LOUD project. Since launching a proper front page on ModDB and having a Discord server set up, we've made a whole lot of new friends. We're very pleased at the response we've gotten -- despite the size of our download. We've had a few hiccups, for sure, and we recently moved our FTP host to another service that we hope will perform much better for those around the globe that have had issues with certain files. If you've had download issues in the past, and gave up, try again - and please - let us know if there are problems.

The response from those that come and chat with us (either voice or text) on Discord has been extremely informative. We're getting a lot of people trying LOUD in new and different situations that we simply never tried. The feedback has been helpful in tuning LOUD to perform better in a wider variety of situations, in particular, smaller maps. Now, having said that, it's not where I'd like it to be -- yet -- but it's replays and observations from everyone that make those changes happen. Thanks very much. Myself, and my team, Axle, Tanksy, Doc Sys, Stash and HtKatzmarek, are doing our best to be as responsive as we can to help everyone get the most out of the LOUD AI Project.

Ok - obviously, with all this going on, it's been difficult to concentrate on new work - so there isn't a whole lot in this update. Rather, we've tried to deal with a good number of small problems that were made obvious by the way people have been using LOUD. Several maps with minor issues were fixed, a couple of smaller ones were added, unit repairs were made, and preliminary work on tuning LOUD for small maps are all in here. We've moved most of the non-stock units that were part of our main unit file into a new seperately switchable mod called LOUD Unit Additions, allowing people to use LOUD with a pretty much 'stock' unit arsenal. There's been a rework of the Large Map Preview in the lobby so that it scales much better with your screen resolution than previously. There are also some new enhancements available for the T2 airpad in the LOUD Structure Upgrades mod. Like I said - lots of 'bits'.

New work that is on the block, but not yet complete;

- a new set of radar towers to replace the stock lineup that will introduce an intermediate T3 radar (with no omni) but lower energy consumption, and a T4 level omni radar
- an integration of features into the T2 Stealth Field generator that will permit upgrades to T3 (greater coverage) and various enhancements (anti-teleport, factional aura effects)
- the completion of the Naval Bombardment feature

Please - keep letting us know how LOUD is working for you. We're keenly interested in making sure that the LOUD AI Project gives you not only an effective AI player but the best performance in the largest possible battles. Enjoy.

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