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A summary of the most recent updates to the LOUD AI Project for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

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Hello everyone !

This week there will be an update to several portions of the LOUD AI Project for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. Remember - use the LOUD Updater/Installer utility to keep your version up to date.

Here is a brief summary of the changes/repairs;

  • -- Incorporated Supreme Economy as part of the included mods (see included image)
  • -- Moved most of the non-vanilla LOUD units into a separate mod ( LOUD Unit Additions )
  • -- included some additional user colors
  • -- added 10k map - Varga (also known as Varga Pass)
  • -- repaired some extractor positions ( Burial Mounds 20 )
  • -- repaired some projectile lifetime issues ( nukes were detonating early )
  • -- some updates to unit restrictions ( thanks Doc Sys )
  • -- repaired ACU behavior and further adjustment to distress response behaviors
  • -- an update to the installer/updater ( version 3.3 )

Thx for moving non original stuff to mod(that's a reason I enjoy LOUD AI now). I played for Cybrans only and some things I noticed:

1) Cybrans can build Paragon, shouldn't it be only for Aeon?!
2) Can you move tear3 heavy transport to mod too?
3) Imho tear2 wall & upgradable mass/energy storage can stay as it doesn't disbalance/change game much.
4) Teammate AI reclaimed my all tear1 power generators :D (Cybran AI, tear=3 engineer, not far from AI main base)
5) Artillery explosions missing(can it be enabled in separate mod if it lags game alot?!)
6) Audio warnings for enemy experimentals is too much late game
7) Submarines still lags game like hell
8) AI uses land experimentals for defense and doesn't send them to attack

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Sprouto Author

While we do strive to keep the game true to it's origins, there were some things we felt needed to be answered. The Paragon was one of those things, since in practice, while it was an Aeon unit, in games with humans, one of the first things they did was exchange engineers in order to circumvent the restriction.
Also important was that there was no 'lore' or background to support what the Paragon really is - magic ? So we positioned it into the world as the ultimate mass fabricator - tapping the core of a planet to provide resources and energy but at a level compatible with the existing mass fabrication technology and thus open to all factions.

LOUD AI's will reclaim all T1 and T2 power structures within range of his base after he's made the transition to a full T3 power economy.

We're looking into bringing back some of the effects we suppressed at the start of the project.

Can you give me a better indication of how submarines lag your game ? We were aware of an issue with torpedoes that we dealt with, but not the submarines themselves.

We're looking at the triggers that LOUD uses to initiate his attacks, and in certain conditions, you're correct, he'll sit on large numbers of experimentals. We're not yet sure if it's a lack of support elements, or a threat ratio issue.

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Been stress testing this with my buddy with lots of AI and doing it on multiplayer LAN through a VPN. Great work. This makes the game fun again with real time speeds for the entire match.

I have noticed:
-can confirm that AI are sitting on experimentals entire game
- audio warnings of experiments gets out of hand
- friendly AI will go nuts with the command markers every few seconds

I'd like to see added:
- realistic nukes mod
- mod support for transferring regular mods to the loud version (svd files?)

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Sprouto Author

Question - what is the realistic nukes mod ?

LOUD supports SCD files in the same fashion as the original game did - however, with all the core work, key functions that some mods rely upon are now working correctly, or work very differently. Most importantly, while most unit mods will work, it's likely that the AI won't use them, or if it does, use them correctly. It's really trial and error - just as it's always been with mods. I say "try them" and see what works for you.

As for the observations, we're aware of the experimentals issue and should have it resolved this week. We'll look at the audio warnings at some future date, but for now, while annoying, it's not broken. The game alerting you to having spotted an enemy commander is a game thing, not an AI thing - but you should worry more when your AI partner is NOT passing along that kind of intel.

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Great work with your LOUD protocol! Longtime fan of vanilla, FA, FAF, and now LOUD.

One inquiry with respect to the perseveration of the original game files. It looks like someone had mentioned it in a previous thread, but when utilizing the updater to revert back to the original game, it will not let me make map / mod / AI / gameplay changes in skirmish, effectively preventing original gameplay. The drop down menus are presented, but they will not select or accept changes.

I was considering overwriting the saved game data with the original code as a fix and seeing if the updater keeps this "new" original code. Unsure if you have seen this yet as a problem.

You'll probably see me in discord one of these days to follow up. Thanks for your dedication.

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