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A. Lot. Of. Progress. On. Generals. Domination. Yay............

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A little update!

A lot of work is being done. Why, just this weekend, I've added a good deal of laser units for Townes.

You've already seen the Fuel Air Jarmen, and the Nuke Guards, too.

Every general in this game is going to be what they were truly intended to be...




I'm definitely gonna give this a whirl when it's out!

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J.C.D. Author

I'm glad you're excited! Keeps me motivated to work on it!

Don't expect a new download any time soon, though. I need to get the factions at least somewhat balanced, because right now since I haven't worked on all of them and they don't all have new stuff, the ones i'm working on are currently overpowered in comparison to the ones I haven't done much with yet.

That WON'T be how its like in the final mod, though!!

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