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Many thanks to Frederic Harper and Make Web Not War for taking the time to do an interview and blog about Lost Keys.

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Frederic Harper at Make Web Not War asked me to help him promote Lost Keys on his blog. I did an interview with Frederic last week. You can read the whole thing here: Here's an introduction:
Thousands of years ago, demons and other foul creatures freely roamed our world, wreaking terror wherever they went. The ancient and powerful Council of Magi conjured a magic key that forever banished these creatures to the underworld. Through the ages that followed the key was lost and evil slowly returned to our world. You must seek the magic key hidden deep in the dungeons of Lost Keys and return peace to our realm.

Players guide their character through each room to collect a key and get to the exit. Each room is populated with dragons, gargoyles and other evil creatures. The player has no defense against these beasts and must avoid them or redirect them. Each level is rigged to explode
at a fixed time after the room is breached. The player’s only power is the ability to create and destroy sandstone blocks.

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