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This article will summarize the progress what's been made under the last month.

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I'm Peredice, and I want to inform the dear followers and viewers about the progress we've made!


Choreographed Scenes and Voice Acting

I'm really excited to bring you the great news that the Half Life 2 Faceposer works flawlessly for me,
and I'm able to create choreographed scenes in our mod! I was really worried when I started out
this project that we will not be able to deliver high-quality "cutscenes". That's not the case,
if you follow us on Discord (even on our official Discord server or on Source Modding Community)
you might have noticed me posting some videos about the scenes I've created.
It was met with a lot of praise, and I'm really grateful that you guys like it!

I consider myself really lucky and blessed with the voice actors I'm working with!
They are really talented and always ready to record more lines for the project.
Having actors and choreographed scenes is hard actually, you need so much preparation
to be able to create a simple scene that is up to standards. But I'm getting used to it!


Level Design and Story

The maps for the mod are coming along well, it's being constantly playtested (much more than LI2 was).
There is still much to do though, I'm thinking about getting some map designers by my side to help me
do this part of the project much faster. The story is already written, though it has been changed here
and there, I've managed to finish the story and tie Origins to LI1 and LI2. I will not spoil anything here.


What's next?

Next I will be sure to finish all the choreographed scenes and finish all the levels as soon as possible.
I've also promised a fixed version of Lost Industry 2, but I still haven't got around to it, even if
I get around it, don't expect a huge change in gameplay, I'll fix what is necesarry and what the
community suggested to me.

I'm also planning to create a trailer with LambdaGeneration, with the release date in it,
and work on an exclusive Behind The Scenes video what will be directed by me
and I'll have my face in it too.


So far that's all I wanted to show you guys!
Thanks for reading and see you next time.
Here are some pictures;



Yes! More Lost Industry!

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