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Lost and Dead book preview written by Dise. Published by Creative Books Publishing.

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Before I start, I would like to note that Creative Books Publishing (CBP) is a new department in creaTive Group. Also, I would like to mention that the story may be altered compared to the game story.

Creative Books Publishing Presents A novelisation of a PHEONIX production in associatcion with creaTive computer entertainment LOST AND DEAD by Dise

Chapter 0: IntroductionAdrian Pereira do Carmo Soares worked at World, Inc. He had a semi-English and semi-Portugese name because his family originated from Wales but they moved to Portugal. World, Inc is a massive company. Adrian worked at one of their labs in Portugal. They were all over the world, hence the name, World, Inc. Adrian was just a nobody in the lab. He just wanted to do his job and hopefully retire. He knew that one day would change his life. As a reader, you're probably thinking; "Why would I want to know about a guy and his boring job?" Because it's not just a boring job. One day would change his life. Forever.
Chapter 1: A normal day at work.Adrian walks into the staff room. The staff room was extremely dirty. No one washed their dishes, and there was no fridge to store your food, and no microwave to heat it up. Adrian had a friend, and his name was Henry. Henry was a jolly guy, but he originated from England. It took him awhile to learn Portugese. "Boring day, huh Adrian?" Henry said. "No not really, I'm just happy that these expermients are getting done quickily." "Have you heard about that Bruce Krenzler?" asked Henry. "No." "Apperently they were trying to give a frog special steroids to let it jump higher but the poor thing exploded." answered Henry. "Goodness." Adrian & Henry had been working seperately since Christmas 1983, which was 2 years ago. But they had the same boss. He came in shouting "Henry! Adrian" Get back to work! And remember, if I find out you been working on some human subjects, you will be getting the sack!" He was talking about human subjects because in 1982, Henry & Adrian almost turned someone into a brain-eating zombie. Poor fella. Ever since the XL Meeting of 20th March 1982, two days after the incedent, using human subjects was banned because the poor guy had to be euthanized.
Chapter 2: Experiment gone wrong.News broke out that some idiot was using a human subject, and there's a high chance a disease can spread. This "disease" can only be spread if the victim is bitten by one of the infected "zombies".Adrian was so shocked he passed out in front of Henry in the staff room. He woke up about ten minutes later. "Goodness, where am I?" he said in shock. The room was full of blood. He didn't realise the staff room could get dirtier than what it was. He had to get out of there. He grabbed a crowbar for his safety.

Check out the epic conclusion when the book comes out in December 2018.

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