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In this topic i will talk about what happened during April and why the Promo Demo was never released.

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Hello everyone, Damien here, lead developer of Loreleine, and today i wanted to finally make an article addressing a few issues and well as talking about why we haven't been-- active the past one or two months.


So, something for your information, i am sort of a gamer at heart (says a person who hasn't played too many games in his life, lol), and i decided to play Q.U.B.E. 2 on my old laptop (where Loreleine initially started). And, basically, it wanted something related to graphics drivers and i effed up, and then my laptop could not just handle Steam and 70% of the applications i used to use on my old laptop, hence why i couldn't make maps, which resulted in my hiatus. However, during the time i wasn't making maps, our team (the "Nightshade Team") was working on a custom version of the Source Engine (similar to Enhanced Source) entitled "Absynthe", but i am not going to speak about it because i don't want to promise anything.
In conclusion, i got myself a new laptop recently and now i can work on Loreleine again: no progress was lost, everything is still intact.


As you may know, i have based Loreleine channels all over different Discord servers, but i also decided to have a separate server from my personal one (at the time i thought merging my personal stuff and Loreleine was okay), so, if you wanna join our discord server, use a link below.
Speaking of Discord Portal/Source communities, i really wanted to thank anyone who was interested in this small project of mine: i started out all alone, borrowing a few resources with permission, trying to create a somewhat interesting and aesthetically pleasing experience in Portal, and now i have a team who helps me with this project to create a fully fleshed out "game". And i actually had overwhelmingly positive reaction from a shout-out the other day, so, here's a personal thank you from me to Valve News Network for that.
Something like you giving us shout-outs, supporting us in anyway, giving feedback or just following our project already gives us (or at least me) some sort of drive and inspiration to continue working on this, so, here's a thank you from me to everyone!

Before i leave this article here, i did want to say that we will eventually create a Demo for you guys to play, but this time i will not promise any exact days because i don't want to be late or eff something up again.
I hope you're glad to know that this Portal project is "still alive". Feel free to join our Discord server here.
I will see you in the next article some time soon!

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