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Looking for new team members to help test this mod!

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Hi all,

as you might have noticed, my modification for H7, Unofficial Community Patch , is despite its December 1.0 release still in development. My most topical aims are (besides further bugfixes) creating New Units Abilities (see more details here ) and adding Scenario heroes to the Skirmish pool.

However, you might have also noticed that the development hasn't moved forward in the last months much and unless anything major changes, I won't have much time to work on this mod in the upcoming ones either. That's why I'm looking for help, for several people (in an ideal case) who would help me in the mod development as testers of the newest updates and mod versions, discuss changes and problems etc. No work with the H7 Editor is needed from you, I just need devoted players to help me to test under various circumstances whether the new abilities and bugfixes work as intended. (Limbic had a professional team and paid testers, still you know how bugged the abilities were. You can't expect me to be able to do all their work myself :))
It's not as easy as it may sound; when anything does not work, I need these people to help me find out when and why it happens. That often needs many tests which are time-consuming.

If you're interested, let me know below or send me a PM. The communication between the testers and me would probably work via a closed project board with no public access (probably, the testers would not be allowed to share any mod parts before they are officially released. Thanks in advance!

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