Unoffical Community Patch (UCP) is a community modification for Might & Magic: Heroes VII and its expansion Trial by Fire. Since the game development ended in 2016, no more official updates can be expected and it's just up to this game's loyal fans to fix the remaining bugs and make Heroes VII great again. And so the largest bugfixing patch for this game was born...

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Description of the plans with this mod in a near future.

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Hello all,

as I have already mentioned, the H7 Unofficial Community Patch bring new abilities for those units which seemed too uninteresting, boring or simply not unique enough. In other words, one of the very first community requests should be finally fulfilled.

I would like to share some details with you and I am curious about your opinions and proposals. You should feel free to express your opinion, whichever it is; however, keep in mind that I have my own vision which I will follow, so please don't feel offended if it should happen that your ideas are not taken into account.

I have finished the following abilities so far:

- Holy Weapons (Sentinel, Legionnaire): All undead and demons adjacent to the target of the creature's melee attack (not retaliation) take X% of the damage dealt as light damage
- Blessed Arrows (Crossbowman, Marksman): On moral turns, the creature's ranged attack ignores the target unit's Defence.
- Lone Wolf (Landsknecht, Swordmaster): +10 Initiative and +2 Movement when the creature has no adjacent allies.

- Offensive Formation (Sandstone Golem): The creature is switched into its offensive form: +10 Attack and +2 Movement but its Defence is set to 0.
- Defensive Formation (Sandstone Golem): The creature is switched into its defensive form:+10 Defence and +10 Hitpoints but its Movement is set to 0.

- Incorporeal (Ghost, Banshee): Any attack against the creature has a 25% chance to fail.
- Contagion (Plague Lamasu): The creature's Aura of Pestilence becomes contagious, spreading from infected targets to adjacent enemies at the start of their turn.
- Lamasu receives Aura of Pestilence

- Barbarian Anger (Crusher): Enemy creatures attacking the creature become targets of this creature's anger. All attacks of creatures with this ability against these marked creatures will be critical for 3 turns.
- Wyvern's regeneration improved to resurrect (still heals the same number of HP, though)
- Brute receives Unfettered

- Cursed Blossom (Sprite): Enemy creatures attacking the creature in melee get -25 Luck until end of their next turn.

- Solid As Stone (Chthonian): Whenever the creature receives damage, it gets +5 Defence until its next turn.

- Defender receives Dwarven Shieldwall
- Shieldguard receives Defensive
- Kobold Scout receives Nimble
- Flaming Arrows (Kobold Pathfinder): Large creatures hit by the creature's ranged attack will be burned. Burning deals Fire damage to the creature at the start of its turn for 3 turns.
- Magma and Lava Elementals receive fixed Trail of Fire with nerfed effect

Plans/Work in Progress
- adding a new ability to each elemental creature (to be revealed later)
- adding a new ability to Shadow Panther and Sirene
- adding a new ability to Stalker + Tracker, Ardent Dragon, Obsidian Gargoyle

I am looking for any ideas regarding the abilities for the last four units mentioned!
They don't have to be really strong ones, possibly even the ones with a minor effect if you feel like those creatures are already strong enough, I'd just like them to be unique.

As discussed in comments, I would like to ensure you that if you don't like any of these abilities, you will be able to get rid of any of them in a second without any side effects (The mod files to be deleted will be specified later).


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elementals dont rly Need something, they alrdy have skills, all beside the water elemental, earth elemental Needs Regeneration back instead of bash but it isnt so bad either

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Antalyan Author

I thought about making them more unique, that's actually what's my main intention. They share the abilities with other creatures, which is not ok imo.

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Hi! Sorry about being anonymous but no energy to make an account..

Is it a possibility to change the Crushers ability to instead only Crit when attacking? I really like the idea of "raging" and wanting revenge but Stronghold (according to me at least) is about performing offensive lightning warfare, so getting bonuses on retaliation (which is a defencive bonus technically) feels a bit wrong. The ability is fine either way but this might give it that little extra feeling of really fitting in :D

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Antalyan Author

The ability is not about retaliation :) It works like what you describe, as mentioned in ability description: all attacks of Crushers against the units which damaged thim will be critical.

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