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Summarising a bunch of stuff, not a perfect dev log, but time is pressing !

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Hey old and new keepers, I have not posted for a while - for reasons that we are nearing a deadline when we want to share a build of Shoppe Keep 2 with Youtubers, press and some special people, so Instead of spending time writing up what has been done during the week, we just started going into crunch time, as for example I am at the office Saturday, writing this after a bunch of fixes were done. I do still want to write devlogs and make screenshots etc, but time is just pressing, so instead - I will post a changelog here with stuff that was done (Some may sound weird) and you guys vote and tell me what you want to hear about in more detail, and I will make sure to dedicate some time and make a proper write up of those things. So here it goes:

-Level 1 progress
-Banker and the gold vault
-Better UI
-UI Context
-A goat
-Skin randomization
-Customer names
-Daily quests
-Delivery quests
-Business names
-More local interactions
-Trash cans
-45 degree turning
-Customer offsets
-Customer increase
-Customer navigation
-Gatherable Resources
-Customer margins
-Better interaction aiming
-Item worths

And many more that seem too minor to even write down. Again sorry about this, once we go live - we will be showing off more. One of the main reasons is we extensively spend playing the game ourselves here, which let us find more and more issues/bugs and quality of life upgrades that we should offer. We cant wait to see you guys enjoying it as much as we are making it. Until next time!

Stay tuned.

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