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Will you make it to the end? I've developed a new exciting game mode called Long Road and the objective for the player is to get to the end of the road. Should be simple right? :D

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I was wondering how I could make a game that is immediately fun and full of action. In my opinion, today the power of YouTube personalities making Lets Play videos is really important for unknown Indie developers and I think it is important to make games that also suit them. That's why I made this game mode that starts with immediate action and action all the way to the end. That should make it easier for YouTube creators to record their gameplay and select portions for turning into an entertaining video.

V0.07 will be the last downloadable version on IndieDB with all future versions available for download through Steam, though I'll still be writing articles here and talking about updated versions of Weekend Drive of course! Please do download and play V0.07 and let me know what you think. I've got heaps more to add and work on but I think you'll agree there is no shortage of action here.

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