Post news RSS Lone Wolf Return of Shadow Beta 0.14 is out now.

After a few set backs the patch is finally out. To install LWR Patch 0.14 you'll also need Beta 0.1 and the game must be patched up to 1.03

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Lone Wolf Return of Shadow Beta Patch 0.14.

Patch 0.14 marks the debut of the new Faction Upgrade system which adds a set of new upgrades for each faction they enhance various features of the faction.

Each faction gets a few common Faction Upgrades such as Great Keep, Murder Holes and Tower Fire Arrows (Lorien don't get the last 2 because they don't have normal towers).
Great Keep upgrades your Citadels into Great Keeps which improve the health and armour of your Citadel.
Murder Holes improves Sentry, Watch and Battle Towers giving them more range, armour and removing their minimum firing range, Tower Fire Arrows upgrades your Towers with fire arrows allowing them to deal more damage.

Each faction also gets a set of Faction exclusive upgrades.

Armour of the Citadel: Upgrades Boromir's armour and slightly reduces his skill recharge time.
Siegecraft: improves your Siege weapons such as increasing the range and armour of Trebuchets.

Horselord Glory:Improves the health and armour for Theoden and Eomer.
Rohirrim Training: Improves the Eastfold Yeomen with heavy armour and adds an auto heal to all Cavalry except Royal Guards.
Lord of the Westfold: Unlocks Erkenbrand.


Galadhrim Captain Armour:Upgrades the armour, health and recharge times for Haldir
Galadhrim Guard Armour:Upgrades the armour, health and recharge times for Orophin and Rumil.
Treebeard: Unlocks Treebeard from the Ent Moot
March of the Ents: Improves the movement and build speed of Ents.

Siege Craft: Improves the armour for Siege weapons including extra range for Catapults.
Call of the Nazgul: Unlocks a Nazgul
Morgul Craft: Upgrades the attack of the Witch King and Nazgul, adds an experience boost to Relic of Angmar.
Soldiers of Lugburz: Unlocks the powerful infantry unit Lugburz Soldiers from the Orc Pit.

Siege Craft: Improves the range of Ballistas.
Deep Ore Mining: Improves the output of Furnaces permanently.
Uruk Workers: Replaces the Orc Workers at Lumber Mills with Uruk Workers which are stronger and faster.
Fuel the Fires: Increases the resources gained from Lumber Mills.

4 new maps have been added as well.
Ice Tournament - A 1v1 map.
Northern Rhudaur - A 6 player map set in the lands of Rhudaur.
Rhun Plains - An 8 player map set in the far off lands of Rhun.
Withered Heath Winter - A reworked version of the Withered Heath map.

On top of all this their have been many bug fixes and balance changes.
This patch lays down the framework for Patches 0.145 and 0.15 which will add improved balance and Dunland respectively.

A big focus of the next patch 0.145 is competitive balance for the current 5 factions.
As such I'm always in need of bug reports and balance suggestions so I can make future versions as good as possible.
My plan for LWR is for it to be a popular competitive mod on T3A:Online.
You can post Bug Reports here.
Balance suggestions, discussion here.

Download links.
First you'll need Beta 0.1
Next the current patch 0.14

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